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adasaWEStaboo term for pig that is used during Ribu ceremony. n.
asakasa Sspit something out of mouth after eating it. v.
balusaairplane. n. go balusa luabiri su adaalupara page aipapulu peapulu ora epeta kone ima we think it is good that airplanes go quickly over long distances balusi kadipina kepopara aaya the pilot's cockpit syn: wai-balusi .
basa bara
kasa-kasa(kate-kate) scabies. n. syn: rage .
kasaa bandicoot type of marsupial which roots in the ground for food. n. gen: yapa .
kusaWES(yawa) v. 1to cook in ashes. nena sapi kusiri apo amu pa piradega pua mea naa your kaukau is cooked so go and eat it eta kusano mogo repena mea iraa I want to cooked food and you must get firewoo, bring it and cook (the food) syn: perepa ; syn: pakumapa . 2to stick into the mud of a swamp, as grass skirts for dyeing. go urare no paupara kusaluame pi I want to put this grass skirt in the swamp
lusadigging stick for sweet potato. n.
masatree/shrub variety. n. gen: repena . Myrsinaceae variety
mena-keyasamushroom variety. NounC. gen: yasa .
pusaWEto roll string. v. syn: kumaa ; syn: kusaa 1 ; syn: ukuma 1 .
rasa ritipea
sa dial. var. of la
wasatree variety. n. gen: repena ; syn: bakira .
yasaWSa metaphorical song that can be accompanied with dancing. n. yasa laminapa let's sing together yai epea rabu teme yasa a dance for when the rain comes bira wai poae yasa a song for when the yams are planted
bara(basa) the Raggiana Bird of Paradise, found near the headwaters of streams, cries koa koa.. n. go yaa bara nipuna iri mata pabolalo aweme when people want to dance they put on the bird of paradise feathers gen: yaa ; syn: bakua ; syn: wabi .
la(dial. var. ta; dial. var. sa; dial. var. *sa) v. 1to talk. nena talo paede agaa orope lap say later what you wanted to say earlier nimimi nina pi laateme You are talking about me laayo I have spoken on behalf of someone 2and then.
ritipea(rasa) v. 1to tie with a rope. 2to refuse permission.
awaaawa S(rasa; odekea) v. 1to dig. no maapupara sapi awa dig some sweet potato from the garden syn: rasa 1 ; syn: odekea . 2remove. gore eta awo rua rumaape spoon out and portion the food 3to stab.
bakiraWESsoftwood tree variety with lots of sap; sap used to soften pig's hair so it will pull out easily. n. repena lai madaa sape yaere repena bakira ipaa mealema the stuff we put on the top of a drum is sap from the bakira tree gen: repena ; syn: wasa .
iawia EShave, 3rd person sg perfect form. v. mena sae ia to have a piece of pork agaa meda ia to have sme additonal talk pt: i ; gen: sa .
kumaato roll string on the thigh. v. syn: pusa ; syn: kusaa 1 .
kusaa(kumaa) v. 1to roll string. syn: pusa ; syn: kumaa . 2to make dredlocks. iri kusaama pe the hair is made up in dredlocks
lusaludea Sto remove, tear apart. v. sapi aba reaga lusa since the sweet potato is cooked, take it out ogere lusa uncover the earth oven po ripumi ada yagi lusaa the wind removed the house kunai go repena naapuri po ripumi malusaria the wind caused the casuarina tree to fall over ant: yawa 1 ; syn: odekea ; syn: lodea 1 ; syn: yoka 1 ; syn: rasa 1 ; syn: puguna .
pakumapato cook in ashes. v. syn: kusa 1 ; syn: perepa .
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