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aapu sapiliEhold on to your tail leaves. ie.
rarane-sapitaro. NounC. syn: maa .
sapi (modo; dial. var. saapi) modo
sapi namasalialazy, doesn't plant kaukau. ie.
sapi rado inalo e poa kimi omemeexpression for a time of famine or hunger. ajp.
sapi re yainamagic spell to ward off hunger. ajp. wh: yaina pa 1 .
sapi-agaamixed up talk. NounC. syn: saa-agaa .
sapi-kabea type of arrow made from pitpit. NounC. syn: kabiri .
sapi-kabe modo-kabe
sapi-nalalarge black hawk. NounC. gen: yaa ; syn: itayama .
sapi-pusweet potato vine roots. NounC.
sapi-pududeveloping sweet potato. NounC.
sapi-rakotaleft-over sweet potato. NounC.
sapi-ramua wild or unplanted variety of victory leaf. NounC.
sapi-ripua general term used for weeds and grasses which grow on sweet potato mounds. NounC.
sapi-subinipreviously cooked sweet potato. NounC.
sapiaedible grass stalk variety. [reddish stalk right to the top]. n. gen: padi .
sapia-rimuancestral (no longer eaten or planted) edible pitpit variety; dirty colored but with white edible stalk. NounC. gen: padi .
SapiaalaEcult spirit in EK. nprop. syn: Robake .
modo-kabe(sapi-kabe; apaa) arrow type. NounC.
modo(sapi) the generic term for sweet potato mound in some area . n. syn: sapi .
aane-sigivariety of ancestral sweet potato. n. gen: sapi .
akeanoEsweet potato variety. n. gen: sapi .
anesigikalesiki Esweet potato variety. n. wh: sapi .
awasicentral tuber, from which others come up. n. gen: sapi ; syn: mogalu .