West Kewa - English


AakeraWEspirit name. nprop.
Aa-MuduAli-Mudu Ethe Lord. nprop.
ato be stationary. v. ni ge ayo aa meda mua maalua I am standing; I will get someone to wait
aba-akupaa type of flora. n. gen: repena .
abaanomeWEtype of 'aapu' victory leaf. n.
abaWESbefore. adv.
abathe initial shoot of a plant. adv.
aba aapa akuanuforefathers. ajp. syn: riri minua akuanu .
aba kabulae menaa pig which comes to the knee in size. ajp.
aba ripiaaba ripima Eat the very beginning. adv. syn: abade 1 .
abadeabalade Eadv. 1in the past. Abade sarara laapo popa. Two weeks ago. syn: aba ripia ; syn: abala 2 ; syn: abasade . 2late. Ribaa aba go yaade go nena adaa pu Since it is late, you go to your house
abagored dye made from leaves. n. syn: kinaapo .
abakotree variety whose fruit is used for dying net bags. n. gen: repena .
abalaWESadv. 1yesterday. abalade when it was yesterday 2before. syn: abade 1 .
abala-koneWS(abana kone) old ways of doing and thinking. NounC.
abalanaiabasa Eold ; from before. adv.
abanaabalanai Sadv. 1old . go rai agunuri ora abana yade those stone axes are really old 2worn out. 3from before.
abanaabade Ealready past prime. adv. go sekerere ora abana this kina is an old one go agare abana kapu this pandanus is already dry mopo onare abade rumaasa this woman has been married for a long time
abana kone abala-kone
abanamevictory leaf variety. n. gen: aapu .
abaneWEday before yesterday. adv. Mogo ipare abanede noria epawa I carried this water the day before yesterday
abanomeplant variety. n. gen: repena .
abasadeabasenai Sa really long time ago. adv. syn: abade 1 .
abasanaabasanya Ereally old. adv.
abasanyaiold ; from before. adv.