West Kewa - English


di sato set a date. v.
diaWESnot. adv. dia ta there isn't any Gore neme paena pae? Dia nida dia. Did you do this? No, not me. ant: -e .
diayadiale Enone left. adv. ni repena rekepu madiayawa pi I have finished breaking the firewood, and sit down syn: na-aaya ; syn: rumaabawa .
didilidi lidi Sa small tree frog. n. gen: uri ; syn: kabere-mali .
didi paara-paarachildren's game. n.
dilale Sn. 1joints on bamboo, removed in order to use the bamboo as a water container. wh: pe 1 . 2long section of bamboo, for containing water.
dilatato force open. v. aane dilatina let your ears be opened (ie wake up)
diminav. 1to count. syn: dipia 1 . 2as sticks. syn: yarepea 1 .
dinaenough. adv. Niri eta dina ne I have had enough to eat
dipaslippery. adj. syn: kagala pea .
diparaenough. adv. Niri abiare dipara It is OK with me apo yawape sapiri mada ia pae? E, dipara ia. Is there enough cooked sweet potato? Yes, there is enough syn: mada 1 .
dipijeep ; landrover. n.
dipiadipinya Ev. 1to count. go mone aakepu yapame dipiae how much money have your counted neme oyae mada waru dipitu I can count the things well aa akepu yapame dipia? how many men are there? syn: dipinya ; syn: dimina 1 . 2to strip off. yo dipia strip off the leaves
dipiniav. 1to repeat. ni pagano wala dipinia I heard you (butd) say it again 2to count. sogopare aawa repena uni wala dipinia go up there and cound the sticks again
dipinyacount, enumerate. v. syn: dipia 1 .
dirimanoany agricultural officer. n.
diwaaWEa variety of victory leaf. [not very common]. n. gen: aapu .
diwiWEShardwood, sub-varieties according to the number and length of leaves, found along river banks. n. gen: repena .
doto ESdust, sand, silt. n. supara do reka reka tade a dustcloud (from the ground the dust gets up) do ia it is dirty/dusty
do puluma kiape yaebroom. [something for sweeping]. n.
do raki rakifine dust. adj.
do yainaspell to make someone run away. np. wh: yaina pa 1 .
dodoburning sensation in mouth. adv.
dodo tagege Enoise made in mouth by clicking. vp.
dokesaaa doctor. n. Rere rogaae dokesa aa A doctor who bandages sores