West Kewa - English


doktan. 1doctor. 2medical aid, orderly.
doloshort, hardwood tree variety; dye is extracted from leaves to color net bags, etc.. n. gen: repena .
doloa spear whose point was usually make from cassowary bone. n.
do-yainaa spell worked on a young woman to make her run away. n.
dspiraamamacontinue holding on to something. v.
du taexplosive noise, as from a gun. n.
dukethe flying fox. n. gen: kaima .
dukuWESadj. 1scarred or deformed extremity, as from a fire. ki duku pi aa man with a shriveled hand 2dirty. go aana aare duku peaga akea pua pisa pae? that mans feet are dirty so what did he do?
dulaSfemale bird of paradise, a bird with few feathers. n.
dulugroup of something animate. adj. punu dula swarm of bees
dulu piblind. ajp. syn: ini awe ; syn: rubu .
dumaWESsaucer ornament, imported, worn on foreheads during dances. n. syn: uri-agaa .
dumaEmushroom variety. n. gen: yasa .
dumutaboo word for tobacco in Ribu ceremony. n.
dumumushroom variety. n. gen: yasa .
duniWESpandanus variety that bears green nuts with small leaves with few spines. n. gen: aga .
dupapossum variety. n. gen: yapa .
dusagarden stick. n. syn: lama ; syn: roto 1 .