West Kewa - English


eWESyes. interj.
e eme
emake noise. n. gore neme lai tulape yalore e tapea If I beat on the drum it makes noise
e kepogarden fence. n.
e maapugarden (generic). n. syn: e ; syn: maapu .
e maapu kanagarden ditch. adj.
e maapu ramaback end of garden. ajp.
e mapispell for gardens. vp. wh: yaina pa 1 .
e mapi yainagarden magic. np.
e maraean old garden. ajp. syn: epari 1 .
e poato cultivate a garden. v.
e rui lato shout. vp.
e tutusomeone talking incoherently. [as in sleep or someone about to die]. ajp.
eadafishworm. n. go menare eada nola penala send this pig to eat the worms syn: maakena ; syn: kolawi .
ebasugarcane variety. n. gen: waa .
ebaluawater puddle. n.
ebeleaves scattered from storm. n.
ebewomen's expression when afraid of something. interj.
ebeebea Sto lean. v.
ebeaato be leaning. v.
ebelaa gi tatrade, exchange. vp. syn: ropo pa .
ebe-laakin. 1scaffolding. repena apo kubapara ebe-laaki ta put that wood across the ditch ; get that wood as a scaffold for building the house syn: kebe-laake ; syn: lebo-laaki . 2house brace. ada pamina go repena mea ebe-laaki let''s make a house, here are some braces 3bridge.
ebeminato break in half. v. go repena uni ebeminua meda lopaa break the stick in two and throw me half
ebepea(kaba) 1to cut in two . v. egele ada paluame repena poso ebepealua I want to build a woven cane house so I am cutting posts syn: ponata . 2leaning, askew . adj. ebe laaki ta prop up the lean 3to divide. v.
ebepenesomething which is cut off. adj. ora adaa dia, ora rudu dia, pa eperupa ebepene mea epope not too long and not too shor but cut it off just right and bring it to me syn: lebepele 1 ; syn: lore .