West Kewa - English


igi-adaold, decaying house. NounC. syn: yawe-ada .
igigin. 1the shivers. 2malaria. gen: yaina 1 .
igigi aata puru aata
igilisiEnglish. n. balina igilisi agaa the expat's language
igipaadj. 1contagious, as in an epidemic. abia yaina igipa waru omeme there are many people sick now go yainare ora igipa adaa omema the sickeness has spread and we are very sick 2covered over, as water flooding over something. 3plentiful harvest of mushrooms, pandanus, etc..
igipi igipi tato have loose skin. vp. ygane igipi igipi ta the skin is loose (flabby)
igipiato squeeze. v.
igipialatree/plant variety. n. syn: kenoa 1 .
igira yana
igirasmall, strong tree variety with dark bark. n. gen: repena .
igira lato sneeze. v.
igi-yainarunny nose, allergy. NounC.
igun. 1pointed part of something. maa igu part of taro left after the top is cut off mogo rai gaapi igu ora roketa the point of that axe is really strong 2blunt end of an axe.
i-kaapudry feces. NounC.
ikarian older term for trousers. n. mopo naanina ikari apo riripitabade that boys trousers have split apart
ikidirear end of bird, which can be lifted or made to stand up. n. wh: yaa .
ikipiasibitya Eto pull down. v. syn: kilipia 1 ; syn: sibia 1 .
i-kuludiarrhea. NounC. nina mena ikulu loa omaa my pig had watery diarrhea and died syn: i-kululu ; syn: i popea ; syn: i-lo ; syn: i-kululu ; syn: robaa kulu ta .
i-kululudiarrhea. NounC. syn: i lo pita ; syn: i-kulu ; syn: i popea ; syn: i-kulu .
i-kululudysentery. NounC. apo mena repare luabu ikululu loa omabame all those pigs have dysentery and are in bad shape syn: dalua .
i-lodiarrhea. NounC. syn: i-kulu .
imaan. 1tusk, even a big pig. 2horn of animal. 3teeth, idiom for bragging, strength. Men will wear a pig's tusk in the septum of their nose, denoting strength.. Go menana imaa ora adaape. That pig's tusks are really large.
imaathe anus. n. mopo nogosina imaa madaa page upi pia that little girl has boil on her rear end nopo aare ikari nayameapulu nipuna imaa adalepa because that man hasn't pulled up his trousers, look at his rear end
imaaWSn. 1general term for taboo relationships, most often the mother-in-law. abia neme nina imaa tere nena imaa page lagialua if you say a taboo name then I'll say one back syn: suba-niti . 2mother-in-law. syn: imaa-niti 1 .
imaa kope ritabroken off teeth. ajp.