West Kewa - English


kalaala Sgive to 3rd person. v.
kala rula taEsound of water running. ajp.
kalabatyaEto trip. v.
kalaben. 1entire neck. syn: yalima-ini ; syn: peto ; syn: maa 1 . 2top of shoulder. 3sixteen in the body tally system.
kalaben. 1alternative name for taro. gen: maa ; syn: maa . 2cat's cradle variety.
kalabe nane aaenergetic ; excessively strong man. [also refers to those who are always fighting]. ajp. kalabe nane agaa arguments, etc
kaladibreadfruit tree whose large leaves are cooked with pig . n. gen: repena . Artocarpus altilis
kaladi-sokopea plant similar to a fig tree. [Moraceae, Ficus]. n. gen: repena .
kaladobush spirit. n. spec: adaa kubu kari ; syn: Kepesura ; syn: ipa rereaa ; syn: kolapu ; syn: karadoali .
kalaeother side, part. adj. niri nina rado kalae epawa I came from the other part of the path go aa ritina kalaere aapara ia pae? Where is the other shoe? nina to gone kalaenanere gore radaa pea my body really hurts here on the other side
kalae padaneone half. ajp.
kalae-nogo/naaki kale-naaki
kalagusweet potato variety. n. wh: sapi .
kalaidifficult. adj. go naakiri kalai waru pea the boy is really obstinate syn: kogono .
kalai pu kogonodifficult work. ajp.
kalainyaEsugar cane variety. n. gen: waa .
kalakadark-colored tree with small leaves, thorny branches, and small fruit. n. gen: repena .
kala-kawaa variety of victory leaf. NounC. gen: aapu .
kala-kawavictory leaf variety. NounC. gen: aapu .
kalalokakalo Eankle or elbow joint. n.
kalalu tato burp. v. aga maa nema raburi kalala ta when we eat the core of the pandanus we burp
kalamata(alaalo) type of burr used in shaping wigs, to keep hair attached to wig form. n. syn: rali ; syn: ete .
kalamata alaalo
kalamusoftwood tree variety that is thorny, with lots of sap and leaves suitable for protection from rain. n. gen: repena .
kalaparadew ; mist ; frost. n. abiare pani pua kalapara igipita now in the dry, frost has come down syn: pipita .