West Kewa - English


laato talk for someone. v. "hariap" laalua I'll tell them to hurry up
laalaa taajp. 1rustling noise. Go ai yo madaa laalaa tapulu yai ora adaape epalia Because there is a rustling noise of the banana leaves a big rain will come 2as rain on a tin roof.
laala lapaa (rilaa lapaa) rilaa lapaa
laalivery small twigs. n.
laame lato slander. v. go aare laame waru ta that man really lies
laapotwo. adj.
laapoegali-ame Elittle finger-griend. adj.
laapo-akuaFebruary. NounC.
laapopaPandanus language for the numeral two. ie.
laapo-rataboth together. NounC. Rai gapipara naapi laapo rata oya. The axe and the knife are both spoiled. syn: lapo .
laapo-rata meato get both. v.
laata peain a series. v.
laatapujoined. adj. padane padane laatapu ade joined together one by one
la(dial. var. ta; dial. var. sa; dial. var. *sa) v. 1to talk. nena talo paede agaa orope lap say later what you wanted to say earlier nimimi nina pi laateme You are talking about me laayo I have spoken on behalf of someone 2and then.
la piririto prattle, to talk on and on. ajp.
labalamp ; light. n. mea pamuape laba a lamp that shows the way Pawame reaa paa laba page tosi paata pa An electric light and also a flambeau
laba marekape yaelampstand. np.
labeaato split open as when using a wedge. v. apo pe kaapu labeaa break off that dry bamboo su amaa lopoa labeaa it fell on the ground and broke
labeato break off. v.
lade paliato uncover. vp. syn: lakepe aalia .
ladeav. 1to put on or off as a hat. 2to lift and look underneath something.
lagiato tell to a 1st or 2nd person. v. mo tisame ne lagia agaare ni pagano la you tell me what the teacher said to you
laitree variety used to make drums. n. gen: repena .
lairalia Edrum. n.
lai talae nona pialike the sound of a drum being beaten. ajp.