West Kewa - English


lugare-wayaa variety of flora. [Myrtaceae, probably Eugenia]. n. gen: repena .
lugogoSwomen's house stone. n.
lukiraa variety of flora. [Polygonaceae, Polygonum]. n. gen: repena .
lularuler. n.
lumaatop of something. n. go kapa ada lumaa madaa kekapu waru pea the top of that roof is really hot
lumaalomaa ESto be dry ; dry up, as a creek. v. ipa Tagede lumaapulu ipa nola papepara maraa because the Tagede river is dried up no one knows where to go for water
lumaa dodocompletely dried up, as a stream. ajp.
luminapawe two carry it. v.
lumuWEn. 1a boil. syn: upi ; syn: gaale ; syn: kare . 2tropical sore.
lungaaSnew pandanus shoot after parent tree matures. n.
lupaPandanus language for hit, make, eat. ie.
lupiaWESv. 1ream out, as when picking the nose. aane lupia clean out your ears [ie listen] syn: loma ria 1 . 2chase out. go aanapara ena ora adaapu piaga adamina lupia there are lots of fish in those stones so lets find them and chase them out
lu-pogerock, probably granite. n.
lupu-lupua type of vine. [Oleaceae, Jasminum]. n. gen: ope 1 .
luraluEscattered about. ajp.
lusaludea Sto remove, tear apart. v. sapi aba reaga lusa since the sweet potato is cooked, take it out ogere lusa uncover the earth oven po ripumi ada yagi lusaa the wind removed the house kunai go repena naapuri po ripumi malusaria the wind caused the casuarina tree to fall over ant: yawa 1 ; syn: odekea ; syn: lodea 1 ; syn: yoka 1 ; syn: rasa 1 ; syn: puguna .
lusadigging stick for sweet potato. n.
lusabogrub worm. n.
lusu sato straighten out as a mat. vp.
LuteranaLutheran. nprop.