West Kewa - English


lomainsect variety. n. Lomare niaana kupa ma-no diaya. The loma causes us to lose all our blood. gen: bolo puna itinu ; syn: iti .
lomaWEsplinter. n. loyo loma sababe splinters scattered about syn: wakepa ; syn: iti ; syn: kirura 1 ; syn: koyaa-ti ; syn: royo .
loma lato tell a story. v.
loma nemaSfirst funeral feast. vp.
loma palaato limp. v.
loma riav. 1to ream, clean out. syn: lupia 1 . 2as water.
loma-naakionly child. NounC.
loma-nemaa feast after one month for a dead man. NounC.
lomoshoot ; sprout. n. go waa lomo penaa opala that is a new sugarcane sprout syn: maa 1 ; syn: kaa .
lopaa(lopa) v. 1to pitch, as a ball. 2to throw down. ru lopaa carry and throw down 3to fall down.
lopa lopaa
lopa-lopaweed variety. NounC. gen: ripu .
lopara rana pabeaEintense happiness. ajp.
lopenan. 1mushroom variety. gen: yasa . 2tree variety. gen: repena .
lopena lato drop. v.
lopopaahe eats (Pandanus language). ie.
loraa lora
lora(loraa) v. 1to cut off. waya rudusiga lora mea the wire is short so cut it off 2odo lora. 3agaa lora pa.
lora kepiacompletely finished. v.
lorae agaadiscontinued talk that is 'cut off'. ajp.
lorapeato ask. v.
loreWEblack palm with markings. n. syn: etapene ; syn: kadone ; syn: ebepene .
lore aliSenemies. n.
loreaaloreali Eenemy. n.
lo-robaaemotional center (intestines-stomach). n. syn: pu-imu .