West Kewa - English


maa-taa variety of taro. n. gen: maa .
maataneck decoration consisting of short slats attached in a series, formerly worn by men to indicate their wealth. n.
maatacassowary. n. gen: yaa ; syn: yaari .
maataa variety of taro. n. gen: maa .
maata pi kinaako
maatumucous, especially from the nose. n.
maatu alalo dial. var. of maatu kalalo
maatu kalalo(dial. var. maatu alalo) dried mucous. ajp.
maatu sulato sniff mucous in the nose. np.
maaulato change into something else. v. iti rala parupa maaulalia It will change quickly as in a story syn: aipu-aa .
maawato encircle. v. su maawaenane all directions
maayaparasmall bamboo used as decorations. n.
maadj. 1only, just. yomagae padane ma just one old man 2an emphatic marker following a number.
ma=(-mea) causative clitic. v.
mabaamaobaa ESto set (as a trap). v. syn: mupiba .
mabatabalanced. v.
mabau lariato cause the noise of an explosion. vp.
mabebe ti onaapeople who cause foolishness. ajp.
mabebolawa puku pi yaeabomination. ajp.
mabemaEnape of the neck. n.
maboa guide. n.
maboany hooked thing, as end of umbrella. n.
maboWSn. 1small tree variety with yellow fruit and thorns. gen: repena . 2very strong type of vine. gen: ope 1 .
mabo poato give protection. vp.
mabuataboo name for pandanus. ie. gen: aga .