West Kewa - English


madaamushroom variety. n. gen: yasa .
madaato meet. v. abiare so porania madaapana sogona popape let's meet up there where the road is on the top of the moutain
madaaon top of. adv. ora so madaa ia meape get what is up there on top
madaa pi yaako pi
madaata puato go meet someone. vp.
madaa variety of sweet potato. n. abiare ni eta mada ne now I have eaten enough gen: sapi .
madaadv. 1enough. Gore mada OK, that is enough syn: anapara ; syn: dipara . 2able to. Go naaki nipu sukulu mada tea this boy is able to go to school Neme oyaenu namada meape You can't take anything namada mea not able to get it
mada meato pretend. v. syn: mada sa .
mada porapolast born. n.
mada sato pretend. v. syn: mada mea .
MadaneMadang. nprop.
madarakasrat (Pandanus language). ie.
madaweWEmarsupial variety. n. gen: yapa ; syn: maya ; syn: ope-kupua .
madetree type. n. gen: repena .
made-aakenataboo for 'young man'. n. syn: aagege-aa .
made-iniyoung, intelligent man. n.
made-inia young man. NounC.
made-ini naaki arumu naaki
madibanana variety. n. gen: aai ; syn: oda .
madiamatya Eto carry as in a bag. v.
madiamaita Sto be torn. v. besa madia ; naaki madia to carry beans ; to carry a child
madiacarry in net bag. v. go naakisi nipuna ada nalipinaga go eta neme madia since the two of them can eat it in the house carry the food to them
madia piato be pregnant. [animal]. v.
madiayaato finish. v. syn: puba .
madimaa type of flora. [Urticaceae, Procris]. n. gen: repena .