West Kewa - English


madini dibirth date. ajp.
madini sekereprized pearl shells which are hung up for display. ajp. syn: kalu sekere .
madi-pore nogosweet potato variety. n. wh: sapi .
madi-pore-nogoa variety of sweet potato. n. gen: sapi .
madolo pato be smooth, without fuzz, as certain mushrooms, etc. ajp.
madu i aaa descendant. np. syn: omala ralala piralimi ; syn: naa kupa ne aa .
madu palaecarried together. vp. Sapi maa luabu nupara madu palae ia. All the taro and sweet potato are in the netbag.
madu pora poae(yogo) the last born. [ie the one who shut the door]. ajp.
madulu yana
maduniaaplace inside of. v.
maduru piato be dried up, clotted. v. kupaa muduru pisa The blood has dried up
maeFB, MZH, extended to clan 'uncles'. n. go aaare nina aapana ame nina mae that man is my father's brother and my uncle gore nina amana akina aani nina mae alright my mother's sister's husband is my uncle nina Nemola ruruna pa aanu page gore nina maenu pimi also the men of my Nemola clan are my uncles syn: maya .
mae agaadeceit. ajp. syn: yaa-agaa .
maebeato block light as when standing in a doorway. v.
maesepeav. 1unfold. kimi maesepea unfold it with your hands 2to deliver someone from harm, to free someone. syn: rabamea 1 .
maetaato cure. v.
maeya yolo rubea kone
maeyakeaa ali Scrazy. adj. maeyae aa a crazy man go menare maeyaaya ora mea tua nami this pig has become wild and crazy so lets go and kill it and eat it syn: eya 1 .
maeyae agaacrazy, disorented talk. np. wh: agaa 1 .
maeyae konedrunk, crazy. ajp.
magahouse (Pandanus language). ie.
magaan animal in heat. adj.
maga murunabig (Pandanus language). ie.
magalahardwood tree variety. n. gen: repena .
magala yaespinning thing. n. syn: raale .