West Kewa - English


nogo-naaki abe onabarren woman (or man). ajp.
nogo-naaki rama pape sekeregifts of shells for the children of cross-siblings. ajp.
nogonanedown that way. adj. syn: nonane ; syn: moponane .
noinyaEn. 1sweet potato variety. 2 3 4 5
nokon. 1corner of a room. ada nokopara ia it is in the corner of the house syn: peno . 2concealed area. go ipa noko madaare ena waru adaapupe pirala in the concealed part of the water there are lots of fish go aana noko madaare yaa kaima adaapu pirala in the concealed stone areas there are lots of bats
nolaea locust. n. syn: gae 1 .
nole tadark. v.
nomaWEa common grass found all over. n. gen: ripu .
nomaiamai EStree variety. n. gen: repena .
nonasame as. adj.
nona pi(nonapi) be like something else. ajp. aa nona pi it's like a man Nipu ni nona pua puri waru pabea He is strong like me
nonanedown that way. adj. syn: nogonane .
nonapi nona pi
nonognat or mosquito-like insect. n. so raapara nono ora adaapupe pia there are lots of mosquitoes in the bush gen: bolo puna itinu .
nono pialike, similar to one another. ajp.
nopodown there. adj.
noponanedown that way. adj.
noriato fill and carry water container. v. go ipare saana ada napana noria the two of us will drink this water in the house so you carry it
nu aaro tato join the knitted parts of a bag in the middle. v.
nu robesacollection of pearl shells. vp.
NuailanNew Ireland. nprop.
nu-aipiworn on special occasions. NounC.
NubritenNew Britain. nprop.
nu-ebothe ends of a net bag. NounC.