West Kewa - English


ofrog variety that lives in swamps. n. gen: uri .
o go
on. 1scabs ; loose skin. go aare yaina adaape omarupa o laulau ta this man is really sick and his skin is peeling 2scales of a fish. enana onu all the scales of a fish
o abaneabout five days previous. ajp.
o mudi apo mudihop from branch to branch. ajp.
o tadisagreeable, bad + it says. v.
obekebird type, similar to a Bower-bird. n. gen: yaa .
obobanana variety. n. spec: epele, pakipi, rokoma ; gen: aai ; syn: malae ; syn: adalo .
obo-keleWEa pin, as a safety pin. n.
obo-rekefrog variety. NounC. gen: uri .
oboro koboro
oborocat's cradle variety. n.
oboro-ikidiswelling beneath knee. NounC.
odakoda ESv. 1break off, as a tooth. ni repena adalo I break off the dry branches 2to pick . go konape oda pick this corn 3to collapse. go bauri nipuna pama oda this trap collapsed on its own accord
odakoda Ebanana variety. n. gen: aai ; syn: madi .
oda polisimanoa warden, guard. n.
odabato go inside of. v. nipu ada odabariade he went inside the house for something
odasaato climb on. v. syn: opasaa .
odatabato be broken off, as a tooth. v. mena uni warialawa odataba he bit on a pig bone and his tooth broke
odebanana, hand of. n.
odeprofit from selling/trading goods. n. syn: ano ; syn: odo-mone .
odehardwood tree variety with a small fruit. n. gen: repena .
ode giafree gift. vp. ode pa kane yaenu free gifts (just given things) syn: pa kane yae .
odekea awa
odo omape konepity. ajp. syn: pu oyala .