West Kewa - English


ora ribaa rumarumanemidnight. ajp.
ora roke waru yaladifficult to pull apart. ajp.
ora rudu adaapea large mountain. ajp.
ora waruthe very best. adv. Go etare rede ora waru pea This food is the sweetest there is.
ora yapi yalocertainly every day. adv. syn: oro-yaloyalo .
ora yomagaeSreally old man. ajp.
orainiEtree oil variety. n.
orake pi agaateasing. ajp. syn: epone agaa .
ora-kiright-handed. n.
ora-pitree variety whose bark is stripped and used to weave net items. NounC. gen: repena .
oraraadv. 1really that one. go oyae orara that is really the same kind 2same kind as.
orecockroach. n. gen: bolo puna itinu ; syn: alurai 1 .
orewere ESwife. n. syn: ; syn: .
ore gimadivorce (a woman). vt. syn: ona rasini meape kone .
ore yapa-yapaaphids. [considered akin to the cockroach]. n. gen: bolo puna itinu .
ore yapipu ribaa rekodawn. ajp.
ore-natapioca variety. NounC. gen: bira 1 .
orepe dial. var. of orope
ore-yapiyapiinsect variety found often in old houses. NounC. gen: bolo puna itinu ; syn: mata .
orokoro En. 1a day. adaa oro Sunday, holiday 2a week. Wala oro meda ada pana In another week let's go home
orofish bait. n.
oro lopaav. 1to shove down. go adaa yaere ipame riaa pena orolopaa shove that big thing down so the water can carry it away mo repena yo oro lopaa shove those leaves down syn: oropaba . 2to undermine someone.
oro medaanother time. np.
oro medare dipibalasheds leaves at certain times. ajp. Go repenare yo rayo oro medare dipibalade that kind of tree shreds its leaves at certain times
oro takoro la ESto cough. v. oro pia to have a persistent cough nipu oro ta he is coughing