West Kewa - English


ope pulaestring rolled forward and back, hence it is stronger. ajp. ant: ope kumaya .
opeato fasten. v. syn: adia 1 .
ope-alipuvine variety. NounC. gen: ope 1 ; syn: ainabo .
ope-kupuamarsupial variety. NounC. gen: yapa ; syn: madawe .
ope-lopesmall bird. NounC. gen: yaa .
ope-maluae-maluaevine variety. [prob Monimiaceae variety]. NounC. gen: ope 1 .
opeme adini aaa prisoner. ajp.
opeme rogaesomething sealed. ajp.
ope-omadatree/shrub variety. NounC. gen: repena ; syn: adaa opayo .
ope-omedaa variety of climbing plant. [Araceae, Pothos]. NounC. gen: repena .
ope-paapu ope-papu
ope-papu(ope-paapu) bicycle. NounC. ope papuna kimi sapimi yae handlebars of a bicycle syn: wiliwili .
ope-pogaaa noose. NounC.
ope-repenatree variety. NounC. gen: repena ; syn: alepaa .
ope-ropenaa variety of tree with milky juice. [Apocynaceae, Alyxia]. NounC. gen: repena .
ope-senehandcuffs. NounC.
opetathe main variety of reed used to make grass skirts. [light colored and fairly tough]. n. gen: ura 1 ; syn: kalia-tipa .
ope-univine, inner part, discarded in string making. NounC. gen: ope 1 .
ope-wanovery strong. NounC. spec: ope 1 .
opisian office. n. moneme opisi kabeme they paid a fine (bought the office)
opohardwood tree variety, used to make garden digging sticks. n. gen: repena .
opogo mopogoopongo mopongo Sto jump around. v.
opokeato mash, as tablets. v.
opo-kepastake on which to display pig. NounC. syn: mena-ololo .
opopato arrive. v. ipa nina maapara aba opopaya the water has come up to my neck syn: opapa .