West Kewa - English


oporubato fall out. v. apo mone apusi oporubali ora no ru ramana madia so that the money pouch won't fall out, put it down in the net bag
oraakoraa ES1to fasten. v. orabaaria state of burial (in burial the body is first fastened to a pole or platform) 2good. adj.
oraawaraa ES(waraa) n. 1palm of hand. syn: waraa . 2six.
ora-aayoung married man. NounC.
ora-agaaora angele Strue talk. NounC. Nipumi ora agaa laade. He has told the truth
oraapuwaraa E1palm of hand. n. 2smooth. adj. 3six in the body tally system. adj.
orareally, truly. adv. orada dia It is not true
oraa type of wild cane which is used for weaving walls. n. gen: kabe .
ora abiright now. adv.
ora adaareally big. adj. syn: ora adaape .
ora adaa ipa solowaraocean. ajp.
ora adaa kadipihead white-man, any government or mission official who is the main administrator. np.
ora adaa poriputempest. np.
ora adaa raapedense brush, forest. np.
ora adaapevery big. adj. syn: ora adaa .
ora adaapu rulataba
ora epe kogonogood work. np.
ora epealato be really good or very nice. ajp.
ora eperupaperfect, best quality. adv.
ora lana konedependency. ajp.
ora na-madi naaki ge-naaki
ora pamoagaeSreally old woman. ajp.
ora piora pili Ethank you. ajp.
ora radaa pi adaa naarebright sun. ajp.
ora riato be really true. vp.