West Kewa - English


panoWSgeneric term for duck. n. gen: yaa ; syn: sipi ; syn: kaluga 1 .
pa-ositaboo name for leaf in Ribu ceremony. n.
papan. 1mother's co-wife. 2mother's female siblings.
papeEa fence. n.
papeaaribs. n.
papo ralaturning brown, yellow. ajp. yore papo rala the leaves are changing color
papolaWElarge, dark-colored bird that lives in the forest. n. gen: yaa .
papora-aania variety of tree whose leaves are used for decorations. NounC. gen: repena .
paporatree leaves. n. gen: repena . Myrsinaceae, probably Ardisia variety
paraataro shoots which come up after harvesting. n.
paraa lato come up ; grow up. v. syn: ragi ta ; syn: rola 1 .
paraa tito be flat-shaped ; square. ajp. ini ro paraati onaanu people with flat shaped noses or faces
parasugarcane variety. very large with long leaves and tough skin. n. gen: waa .
parabaplant variety similar to 'aapu'. n. gen: repena .
paraia minnow. n. gen: ena .
paralotoed-in or bow-legged so that one appears short. adj. paralo ne aa a flat-footed man syn: palea .
paralo paralotoed-in or bow-legged so that one appears short. adj.
para-lonebanana variety. NounC. gen: aai ; syn: pakipi .
paraluEa track, road. n.
para-para-aania vine similar to the para-para. [Vitaceae, prob Caryatia variety]. NounC. gen: ope 1 .
para-paraa vine used for fastening things; a similar variety is called para-para-aani. n. gen: ope 1 .
para-para-rosnake variety. NounC. gen: paaka .
para-para-rosnake variety. NounC. gen: paaka .
parapeleSpig killing partners. n.
parapu ropacane for fastening stone axe. n. gen: kabe .