West Kewa - English


paakipun. 1groin area. 2general area from thigh to the back of the knee. na pakipupara upi opaa a boil has come up in my groin area
paaku eke
paakutree variety, hardwood, tough to chop. n. gen: repena .
paakuthe sun. n. syn: naare .
paaku aga-palu
paakuato swat someone else with nettles. v.
paala madini aaa coward. ajp. syn: paala masaape kone .
paala masaape konecowardly, to cringe. ajp. syn: paala madini aa .
paala piato be afraid. vp. nipumi ni paala masatalo paa he makes me afraid (of him)
paalotrue stomach. n.
paalostomach. n. syn: palo .
paaluwhen sun is directly overhead. adj.
paa-mogohip/rump area. NounC.
paanipaale Efat over ribs of pig. n.
paapefence. n. syn: kepo .
paapeaacut of butchered pig. n.
paapufoot sling for climbing. n.
paapu rupa-odea
paapu paapu adaapubody part unit (repeated) many. ajp.
paapu pemeEa circle dance. vt.
paarapa(paarapu) to tie sugarcane and dried leaves to a pole ; fasten together. v.
paarapu paarapa
paasepaali Ereference term for H of clan sister. n.
paata(paate) torch or lamp made from sticks, grass. n.
paata-kapudried substance for torch. NounC.