West Kewa - English


pakinaneadj. 1the end of an object. syn: nebonane ; syn: aanenane . 2along side of. nu aana pakinane sa put the netbag beside the stone
paki-pakiputo encircle; be coiled. NounC. Parapara ro pakipaki suare adaape ia The parapara ro snake coils around and is large gen: paaka .
pakipibanana variety. n. gen: aai ; gen: obo ; syn: para-lone .
pakirapaakira Erat variety. n. gen: onasa ; gen: wasa .
pakirayarat variety. n. syn: onasa .
pako-pakowaist. NounC.
pakun. 1tree variety. [Rubiaceae variety]. 2fruit.
pakuEbunch of nuts. n.
paku tato swat with nettles. v. syn: yodota .
pakuasunlight, e.g. on side of a mountain before dusk. n. sogo pore madaa pakua salare gae talo pia there is bright sun up on the mountain but it is getting dark
pakuato swat oneself with nettles. v. nena bipa raara pakua swat yourself with nettles
pakuaEhawk variety. n. gen: yaa .
pakumaaarea where a fire has burned or scorched. n.
pakumapato cook in ashes. v. syn: kusa 1 ; syn: perepa .
palaaPandanus language for tree, firewood, fire, root etc. ie.
palaa1branch of a tree. ie. repena palaana pia It is sitting on the branch pt: rikini . 2tree (Pandanus language). n.
palaacross-rafters to which grass is tied. n. wh: ada ; syn: piraa .
palaa ae kaliapopeanut variety. ajp. syn: kaliapo .
palaa kin. 1forearm. 2eight in the body tally system.
palaa reketapaean insult for someone who walks toes-out. ajp.
palaa yadiriniseed (Pandanus language). ie.
palaa yoyoleaf (Pandanus language). ie.
palaa-aweashes (Pandanus language). ie.
palaa-kaapunew (Pandanus language). ie.
palaa-kadutasmoke (Pandanus language). ie.