West Kewa - English


rakua-nuthe individual branches of the forked sticks that bags of pearl shells are hung on. NounC.
rakua-nubackpack. NounC.
rakua-pemaa variety of banana with red stalk and long fruit. n. gen: aai .
rakuminato completely remove. v. go mena robaa rakumina remove the insides from the pig syn: ridipia 1 .
rakuna lodea rakuna ludia
rakuna ludia(rakuna lodea) to break a taboo. ie.
rakutato spill out. v. oyae medaloma rautaboa lopaliare neme ake pali pae? If some of the things spill out, what will you do?
ralaato be lit, as a torch. v. syn: ro saya .
ralav. 1to pluck, as corn. syn: rako pea . 2to harvest, as bananas. 3to pull out, as weeds. 4to gather, as berries. syn: kerea 1 .
ralato be cooking, as sweet potatoes in ashes. v. sapi ralaa nalua I will eat the sweet potatoes which are ready
rala pato choose. v. neme nena ruru mone mone ralama pina toa I will choose one from your clan to go on and on
rala patea1very tough bark on a tree without sap in it. ajp. 2to be sticky. v. rala pati yae parasites on a tree
ralae repenaburning wood. ajp.
ralagetree variety. n. gen: repena .
rala-putilizard variety. NounC. gen: kau .
ralaweSred pandanus. n. syn: pauwi .
ralespinning a top in a game. n. pt: ai ; wh: aliwai .
raleadaSmountain-top shelters for men to dream in. n.
rale-adaSdream house. n.
rale-awaitop sticks. NounC.
ralebeato have a sore. v. syn: rere petaba ; syn: rupi ta 2 .
ralebeato break off. v. nopo pepara raani pabawade rala pateaga ralebeanowa I filled up the bamboo with greens but the bamboo is split and it is dry pe otaga ralebea that bamboo is no good so break it off syn: reke pa ; syn: rupita 1 .
rale-detop stem. NounC.
ralegaa cushion. n.
ralengea type of tree. n. gen: repena .