West Kewa - English


saato slice deliberately, as with a knife. v. midi saato I am slicing it apaa saa to slice off pieces of pig fat
saaWEwe two. p.
saa lapaethe two of us together (as a unit). ajp. syn: saa lapo .
saa lapothe two of us. np. saa lapo rata epoponalo lae? Should the two of us come together? syn: saa lapae .
saa pi agaahidden talk; parables; veiled, coded conversation. ajp. wh: agaa 1 ; syn: agele siapi .
saa-agaahidden talk. NounC. syn: sapi-agaa .
saaparashovel. n.
saapi dial. var. of sapi
saapiato have. v. amame aga ia pare pa saapia palo maarea I don't know if mother has pandanus yet or not
saapirato hold onto. v. puri palo saapirapa hold on to it tightly syn: irulu saapirape ; syn: ripimaba pira .
sato knit/weave . v. nuri onanumi sitimi women knit net bags
sa dial. var. of la
sabaato hold onto. v.
sadu-kasadice, gambling. NounC. sadu dasa taleme they are gambling (throwing dice, etc.)
saepiece of pork. n. Go mena saere pua yaloa kala. Take this piece of pork and yell out and give it to them.
sa-gaasa-angele Sany type of disguised speech where the implication is clear to some but not all of the hearers. NounC. apo aai adega raimi rolaina nogo pe meda pua mea you see the banana there, well cut it down and and go and get a drinking container
Saimonan apostle. nprop.
SainaChina. NounC. Saina onaa Chinese
Saiyone ruduMt. Zion. nprop.
saka-lainavictory leaf variety. NounC. gen: aapu .
sa-koneWShidden thoughts. NounC.
salesalelong leafed Chinese cabbage, introduced variety. n. Chinese cabbage, Brassica
salubaa bandicoot type of marsupial which roots in the ground for food. n. gen: yapa .
salupelong. adj. syn: adaalu .
samataro variety. n. gen: maa .