West Kewa - English


sipian ocean-going ship. n. repena rekeneme warini sipi a ship made of wood sipi pa masaaya anchor the ship (cause it to be put)
sipiastrip off. v.
sipiliabird variety, small garden dweller. n. gen: yaa .
sipili-togemarsupial variety whose name is known but not found in the area. NounC. gen: yapa .
sipina ini kaduthe bow of a ship. np.
sipiraacrocodile. n. Go supara sipiraa ora piruaay There are crocodiles here
sipi-sipia sheep. n.
sipi-sipina iriwool. np.
sipunuspoon. n.
siraliSdrum. n.
sisi si
sitaatree variety. n. gen: repena .
sitaasoftwood tree variety, three types. n. gen: repena ; syn: subi-yaluyalu .
sitaacassowary. n. syn: walega-yaa .
situwastore for purchasing goods. n.
si-waneterm used to refer to one's children in 3rd person. n. Kira nipuna si-wanenu nimu maketepara pulumi Kira and his children are going to the market
si-wanenuoffspring, desendents. NounC.
siyadog call. prt.
soup there ; upwards. d.
Soup. d.
so yaaparaheaven. np. balusa meda so yaapara pupula an airplane is traveling up there in the sky
sogejew's harp variety. n. syn: rabialo .
sogoup there specifically; up that way. d. syn: sopo .
Sokele(Sokuma) spirit generally for women. n.
soke-pea pipe. ie.