West Kewa - English


warua kogono pa
wasaa wasaa-ona
wasa-agia fly. NounC. gen: bolo puna itinu ; syn: puna .
wasaakoa large fish considered to be the 'mother' or progenitor of all others. has a mucous-like substance. n.
wasaa-ona(wasaa) a widow. NounC.
wasav. 1to put grass on the roof of a house . wasaa epa mapaki paemepara where the end of the house is made 2to make a grass skirt. 3to tie grass into clumps.
wasatree variety. n. gen: repena ; syn: bakira .
wasasweet potato variety. n. wh: sapi .
wasageneric term for rat. n. Wasare mo maapunini paake nolalo pirala. The rats like to steal things from the edge of the garden. spec: pakira ; spec: ada-poka ; gen: onasa .
wasa1pitch; glue. n. 2relating to the far end of a house. adj.
wasa-baua rat noose or trap. NounC.
wasa-ipugua variety of sweet potato with small leaves and dark colored tuber. NounC. gen: sapi .
wasananethe head men at the back of the line in the Ribu ceremony. [also called usu asubaanu]. ie. syn: usu-asubaanu .
wasa-winyaa widow. NounC.
wasimi tato wash something. v. syn: wasowaso ta .
wasowaso adawash house. np.
wasowaso ipawash water. np.
wasowaso tato wash. v. syn: wasimi ta .
wasowaso ti ipawashing area, as for gravel. ajp. syn: aana-rote .
wasu kiritatie in knots or dreadlocks. vp.
wasuato fasten roof. v.
wasupaWESn. 1a reflection, as in a mirror. wasupa ri palae ourselves and our reflection inipara adape wasupa a glass for seeing the face nimu wasowaso tala pirina nimuna wasupa adawa they were washing and I saw their reflection syn: sua ; syn: wasaa 1 . 2a ghost.
wasupa rireflection. ajp. syn: ewo ta 1 .
wasupa ri palaeto be light ; bright ; reflect. ajp. go nogona rere madaa wasupa ri palaya that girl's sore is light colored on top [has pus in it]
wasupusun. n.