West Kewa - English


wataawato fix poles upright. v.
wata watane
watato show or point out. v.
watade-kalia variety of the piru mushroom. NounC. gen: yasa .
watane(wata) a type of parrot; cries toae toae; highly sought and prized. n. gen: yaa .
watawato support a corpse. n.
wayawire. n. waya paaki a coil of wire
waya-balusiwire airplane. NounC.
waya-riria variety of lichen. n.
we peabright reddish. [considered to be color of white man's skin by some]. ajp.
we peaSred color. ajp.
we pired, orange. adj.
weaato shove a pole through something to be carried. v.
weaWEv. 1to send a person or thing. ni nawaru weape Don't push me 2thrust.
wea wea tacry of a hawk. ajp.
weaonyaEto lower someone by hand. v.
weauvariety of li tree. n. gen: repena .
weau-kilitree variety. NounC.
welemaWEflute, panpipe. n. syn: pelema ; syn: emaa .
welema lato blow a flute or conch shell. v.
wemaasmall panpipes made from pitpit, tied in a cluster, usually associated with calling a spirit. n. wenaa laa play the panpipes
wena-aliEpeople. NounC.
wena pamo
wena napiri alia widower, bachelor. ajp.
wena nu laapobridewealth. ajp. syn: wena yapa .