puntianak1Malay puntianak, pontianaknpuntianak (sj hantu perempuan yang suka menghisap darah orang) langsuir, singiang-ngianghuman who's head and guts lift off, fly around and eat newly born babiesoften seen as a fire flying in the sky dripping burning material like burning plasticpuntianak2PUNTIANAKder.npuntianakfemale baby killing spiritKadung-ko monusu o tongondu, subay-ko warot roon do limaw sid susut tu pongindorosi do puntianak.Daun limau harus ada di bawah kolong ketika perempuan bersalin untuk menakutkan puntianak.When a woman gives birth, there must be a lime branch under the house because to scare away the child-eating monster.

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