gawirmengusap-ngusap zakar bayi (utk mengelikik bayi) atau melentingkancaress baby's penis (to make baby boy happy)gawir-gawirRRED- GAWIRder.vmengusap-ngusapcaress (penis)Gawir-gawir, toto di Nanang.Dia mengusap-ngusap zakar bayinya itu.Caress Baby's peter.ginawir-in- GAWIRder.vtelah mengusap-ngusapcaressed (penis)Ginawir da tidi ilot toto da ragang.Emak itu telah mengusap-ngusap zakar bayi itu.The mother caressed the penis of the infant.gowiroGAWIR -oder.vmengusapcaress (penis)Gowiro ino toto da tanak owo.Kau mengusap zakar anak itu.Rub the child's penis.gowironGOWIR -onder.vmengusap-ngusapcaress (penis)Mogirak ah tanak tu gowiron da tidi ilot toto yo.Anak itu ketawa kerana emaknya mengusap-ngusap zakarnya.The child is laughing because the mother is rubbing his penis.mangagawirm- pong- GAWIRder.vmengusap-ngusapcaress (penis)Yino-yino ot mangagawir da toto yo.Dia sendiri yg mengusap-ngusap zakarnya.He is rubbing his own penis.

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