palis1Malay palis ??palis, kata-kata yg dilafazkan utk menolak bala (agar tdk ditimpa spt apa yang belaku terhadap seseorangmay it not happen to me, word uttered to avoid bad fate that is spoken or happened coming to the speakersynkad tibokisayder. ofkad 14palis-palisRRED- PALISder.intjpalis-palisavoidance utterance"Palis-palis" ka dialo tu, minatay i tambabaya yo dot sinimpad do buayo.Katanya "Palis-palis" kerana sahabatnya mati ditangkap buaya.He said, "may that not come upon me," because he friend was snatched by a crocodile.cfkodtuwaday1 2

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