bunsalalatahTourette's syndrome, echolalia, semi-involuntarily speaking profanity or sometimes gibberish when startled or excitedAdvanced cases of same malady cause person to imitate actions of any person who gets their attention. Occurs mainly in women over 30, tho it also happens rarely even in teenage women. By age 50, almost all women exhibit this behavior to some extent.kobunsalako- BUNSALAder.vmenyebabkan latah(can) cause Tourette'sAmu obbuli ot pigogowulon mangansak o tumbus tu kobunsala ka.Tak boleh konon memasak sayur yg berjenis-jenis kerana menyebabkan latah.They say it's not permitted to cook different types of vegetables mixed together because it can cause Tourette's syndrome.obubunsalao- RED- BUNSALAder.vlatahhave Tourette'sOkokodok koh bala diti nga obubunsala koh no.Kau kecil sahaja pula ini tapi latah.You are still young but you already have Tourette's.obunsalao- BUNSALAder.vlatahhave Tourette'sObunsala mari i inan kiowo.Makcik itu latahlah.My aunt has Tourette's.

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