igotgenting, hampir terputus kerana tergeser (tali, pokok kayu, dsb)necked down, made small at one point, stunted by being bound around, circulation cut off (e.g. wrapped with rubber bands)eegot1o- IGOTder.adjkecutnecked downEegot nelot tunturu dialo nagatan do pulut.Jarinya genting kerana diikat dgn getah pengikat.His finger is necked down, having been bound by a rubber band.eegot2o- IGOTder.adjhampir putusnecked downEegot neelot kayu tu kopigisar.Batang pokok kayu it hampir putus kerana bergeser ketika ada angin.That tree has a small part because it is rubbing [against another tree].migotm- IGOTder.vakan gentingneck-downKadaay potimporono inot togot sinod takod dinot manuk, milom migot.Jangan dibiar begitu saja tali terikat dikaki ayam itu, nanti ia akan genting.Don't keep that tie there on the foot of that chicken, it will neck down.minigot-in- m- IGOTder.vtelah menjadi gentingnecked-downMinigot itit tali tu kogisar dilot simin.Tali ini telah menjadi genting sebab, tergeser dgn simen.This rope has frayed thin in one spot because [it] rubbed against that cement.

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