Komo - English/Swahili/French


dhadoa v add to -jumlisha additionner, mêler, ajouter Moti dhadoa na moti ande babɛ. One and one are two.
dhadokeana v join together with for a common enterprise
dhakana llcr: kɔba. v be quiet, quiet down -nyamaa se taire Aoba miki naongamea amakɛ, naɔmɔ̌na, aodhakana. If a child cries for its mother and sees her, he quiets down. der. dhakanisa
dhakanisa (der. of dhakana) v quiet -nyamazisha faire calmer Báodhakanisa baniki aoba nabáogea eongo. One quiets a child if he makes noise.
dhausana v gather, put in common -changa amasser Bakpa báokondana, báodhausana kema ndɛabɔ. People who like each other put their things in common.
dheeba v yawn, gasp(?) -babaika bégayer Miki aodheeba, ámbe asǒoda. A child yawns if he is about to fall asleep.
dhega v of plants, be healthy, give bumper harvest
dhema llcr: ndhemigi. v trick, deceive -danganya décevoir, tromper Báondema miki. One tricks a child.
dhendemana v stop moving, cease, as in storms
dhendemisa v cause to stop from going forward -poleza ralantir
dhɛi n poison used in killing fish, or in suicide, or in ordeals
dhɛka v be soaked -lowa être mouillé Banyama báɔdhɛka na mbua. The animals are soaked by the rain.
dhɛkisa v soak -loweka faire mouiller Mbua aɔdhɛkisa bakpa k'osaa. The rain is soaking the people in the forest.
dhɛma v clear -lima cultiver, défricher Ka nkpangeɔ á songe a mosa, boko bákpangande dhɛma á ciko. At the beginning of next year, the men will start the clearing of fields.
dhida v descend -shuka descendre
dhidha v flow, slip, descend -telemuka, couler, descendre Ibo aodhidha. Water flows.
dhiga v remain, rest, stay -bakia rester Bagbɛga báodhiga ka nji ka bondea a endu. The elders remain in the village in order to guard the houses.
dhoa v pound twanga piler
dhoda v blacken -fanya nyeusi noircir
dhodea v fix in place prop up, make pose fixer sur place
dhoga v draw water -teka puiser Bake báodhoga ibo ka ntogɔ. The women draw water from the source.
dhoka llcr: enga. v visit tembelea visiter, rendre visite Moimba aoga ka dhoka á mɛkɔ ndɛakɛ. The hunter goes in order to visit his traps.
dhokana v visit each other -tembeleana se rendre visite Bana-mema báodhokana. Brothers visit each other.
dhokodea v remain firm
dhonda v find, meet, rejoin -kuta trouver, rencontre, rejoindre Mbɔa aondhonda nyama, aondhunga. If a dog meets an animial, it catches it.

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