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approach (cause)omohiꞌiaivcause something to come closerKapusi omohiꞌiai mooi-do.Push the cup closer to me.
Are he/she they..?am-cfa-ag-am-am-advyes-no question marker, or irrelis marker, combined with second and third person (m-), in the future, present and recent past (earlier today).
'Do you/he/she/they...?' 'You/he/she/they should..."
Roo mooi-do amiraromo?Do you think about me?Moo abeai totomu made amoroaduꞌuti moo piroha emidioi-ka.If my father should give me advice, I sit quietly and listen to him.Roo paidubui-to amoromidio, kehibuo gaboi-ro emapui aꞌai-ka.Should you want to follow God, he will show you the narrow road (the right road).Eaꞌa! Bereberei-ro ameremabe.Watch! Lightning might strike.
armtuu-ipinforearm, upper arn
arm guardadiocfadiogaaranarm shield that stretched from wrist to elbow, made from cane, and worn by men when hunting or fighting to protect their inner arm frm the bow stringgaara 1cfadiogaaragaaratiti-gaaranarm protector for shooting bow and arrow
armband (dancing)gaara 2cfadiogaaragaaratiti-gaaranband on the leg or arm while dancing, without shells for decoration4.2.4Dance
armband (decorative, dancing)titi-gaaracfgaaratiti-gaarantraditional arm band or legband that is decorated with shells
armband (initiation)tutuꞌahenarmband made from cane by an uncle for an intiation, one set worn on the top of the arm, and another set owrn on the bottom of the arm, used for tucking flowers and decorative grass into
armband (mourning)gaꞌi3nthin armband made from bark of tieme tree, worn to show that people are mourning
armpitatehepunarmpitAtehepui-da hurahura ma iꞌai.Glands appear in the armpits.2.1Body
arriveariovarriveMooi-ti irodaido arioidoi-ka, raarai imidiaitutidoi-ka.The two of us went down and once we had arrived there, we took the things out of the canoe.Mooi-tiro pirodaido du hua giroi aiha pirarioido.We walked off twardso the sago camp and eventually we arrived.Ka adimoi pirarioido Kikori ato.Then in the afternoon we arrived at Kikori.7.2.4Traveloohiai 2sp. var.ohiaivarriveHimioi tauo oohiai maaka...The day had already arrived...
arrow (barbed)ereꞌere mahumonbarbed arrowmahuumonbarbed arrow head made from palm bark, used to shoot enemies, 15-30cm long, always put on a dubu arrow shaft, combined length 2m, shot using a bowgaꞌai-ra mahumo-raibow and arrows6.7Tool
arrow (flat double-sided)ueenflat-bladed arrow head that is sharp on both sides and is made of magore bamboo, up to 30cm long, fired from a very strong bowUe kereida bomoi ohuti ka.Then we cut the pig with the blade.synteba6.7Toolunspec. comp. formue gaꞌai
arrow (pronged)hamaa2narrow with two to four prongs for shooting fish, shot with a bow like an arrow, prongs are made from bamboo or split small black palm, pitpit is used for the handlesynkarahudeGiMkaraudeBaBuGoUW6.4.5.3Fishing equipment
arrow (sago leaf)bubuhiodial. var.APC gogacfbubuhiogoganarrow made from a sago leaf, including using the leaf for a fletch, used to shoot birds so that they are disabled and fall from the air, but are not killed
arrow (sago spine)gogacfbubuhiogoganarrow made from the spine of the sago leaf, often made for childrencomp.goga gaꞌai
artifacthimamontraditional items of value that were used for exchange, including miri, mabuo, bidibidi, iiere, akore, maata, poto, gaara, gabiꞌabi, maea, kamukio, mumukiri, kepa, muti, kiriko, koa, pete, hada, haoo, bidibidibaꞌe, and kimuku.
ascendioroLHLvcome or go up, climb (steps), rise, come to the top, emergeMereekehi oboi goroi-da himiaha pioro.The child emerged from under the water.Ruu ahoroi rupui-da omahoroi-ka, ioroi hurui-to, tutui imododiꞌai didimoi-da.When you start weaving, you start from the bottom and work up to where the handle is.Ioroi aꞌai ohui eito.He will rise to the top.Moo ai-rioro.I am coming up.7.2.4Travel
askaraatovaskMoo bo'u-ro araato ato ita, odu'ai motoi-daka. Anybody who askes for me, tell him I will be in the house.atohetaivaskMa atoheta-ka emaꞌai aꞌai rooi-do.Ask and it will be given you.3.5.1Sayoroarovask someone for something, begMoo-ro Urio Abeai eito oroaroi-ka, ma romoabai-ri, gaboi ma remapui-riI asked the Lord to rescue me from there, to open a way for me.3.5.1Say
ask (for self)aratohetaivask for yourself
ask (many things)iatohetaivask many things, ask many timest
ask strongly (self)oroarotiaivask earnestly, ask strongly for something for oneself
atato 2var.=topostatKa Maiperairu ato tutu emidioumo bia.We did not stay long at Maipenairu.Ka doꞌou Reurigomumu ato remidiokaumo ararie.Now we are staying here at Neurigomumu.
at lastaihaadvtherefore, at last, ending upMoo-ro dui pirototo aiha piramuiꞌa-ka.I beat the sago until at last it was finished.Turiaha meree kekeei beibi rirai aiha ma imeꞌei.Every child should therefore get immunised.8.4Time
at oncetauo-haadvat once, quicklyRimoi-ti tauo-ha pirodaido auꞌo-ka, irai umui kukui iaꞌoi-da ruu-ro aaꞌoi ka, "Umui oarai emaaꞌo-ka!"At once the two of us went off over there, and when the dogs were barking he said, "The dogs are barking at the bandicoot!""Aaoo! Tauo-ha ita rimoto!" Kiauka ibodoi omahoroi-ka."Father! I should have killed them straight off!" Then she started to chase after them.
attachorobidiovattach to each other, hand in hand.