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babybeibiEnglnbabysynmeree-keehi4.1.2Types of peoplegugenbaby, not yet old enough to sit upmeree-keehinbaby, small childAta himioi moo oboi-re retoꞌa-gaꞌu burio meree-keehi rautu goꞌu pirodaumoOne day I went out fishing with my wife and small two-year-old childsynbeibi4.1.2Types of peoplepahapahaadjbaby that is able to smile, sit and crawl
backipi 2nback of the bodycomp.tuu-ipitumodinback
back musclesetete-hiꞌonback muscles connecting backbone to legs2.1Body
backbonegimiri 1nbackboneMoo gimiri temeteme didia-didia-ka.My back is aching and painful.2.1Bodypupuunback bone, spinal cord
backside (bird)dobo 1cfdobokipituꞌunthe curved back and the anus of birds and any animals that do not appear to demonstrate bowel control, but who go to the toilet whenever and wherever.
badmemihoadjbad, evilIda ruu-ro paaꞌo, "Ma emeꞌa aire memiho mereei, gagaꞌoi goroi-da."Then he answered, "See the evil person there between the dead sago leaves.Hioi-da tutu emidioumo bia, mabu piro-ra heamo-rai memiho-ka, aiha podaudiodio.We were not long there, because it was not safe because of stealing and fighting, and we had to flee.
badly formed (plural)petu-petuadjmore than one ill-formed thing, a thing that is ill-formed in more than one way.
badly formed (single)petu1HLnsomething that but did not grow properly, did not reach its full potential, can be used of plants, or of a crippled person
bag typeakunbag for carrying, made from sago shootsapohocfapohoapohogoorohitonbag woven from the gooro tree that is used to carry sago, as well as to carry small items. Apoho have a wider opening than hito.
bag typehaꞌonbag, large or small, used to carry a variety of items. Traditionally made from gooro or sago shoots.hitocfapohohitonbag woven from sago shoots, with a long straight bottom, primarily used to carry freshly caught crabs and cooked food.Ruro du amuo retoa hitoi da iahiꞌi ka.He took out two sticks of dry sago from his basket. baskets and matsunspec. comp. formhito guariꞌouburocfaba2goorotiemeuburouburonbag, traditionally sewn from gooro or tieme
bail (a boat)ahiꞌoutivrepeatedly take water out of something, such as when bailing a canoeRuu pei ahi'outi-ha, pomodau imei iohoi.He bailed out his canoe, and went to look for crabs.
bailerkaꞌunbailer to get water out of the canoe, traditionally from bark, but used for all items used for bailing
ballboroEnglnballMereei ioriꞌoi-da boroi gaboi-da ai-pabu, ka ruu aaꞌo boroi eidai pabu, gaboi ipi-da.While the child was playing the ball went out onto the path, and he went out onto the path to get that ball.4.2.7Play, funkopivar.opina ball or lump, a round thingdu-kopi; du-opiball of sagoAaꞌo didimoi-da, boboꞌoi goroi-da, roꞌoa opi ikaꞌuoi-ka.After that put stones in the bottom of the pit.synubu2 18.3.1Shapecomp.roꞌoa-kopi
bamboo typebeumansoft, small to medium species of bamboo, with multiple uses. It is yellow with green stripes.Moo-ro beuma ito itai raꞌai.I will cook using the bamboo.5.2.1Food preparation1.5.4Grass, herb, vine6.2Agriculturegaꞌiminsmall bamboo species used for bow stringkuruunsmall, strong species of bamboo, the fruit of which is used as children's toymaburieemanstrong, hard species of bamboo used for cooking sagomagorevar.maꞌorenbamboo species used for knife or razor blade6.2Agriculturemaura1ntall, hard bamboo, used for building houses and platformsAra dubu pa'uri motoi maurai-da pemidio.This old man is standing by the bamboo house.
bamboo-bladeuekerenbamboo-bladeUekerei-da boomoi ohuti-ka.Then we cut the pig with the bamboo knife.6.7Tool
bananadubanbananaDubai ruu tutu-ka, ruu hi'ai komukomu, paipai, tutuꞌutu.Bananas can be long, very short, big or very long.Ruu-ro patu gaaꞌu dubai ahiai-ka itai.She cut one bunch of bananas and cooked them.6.2Agriculture
banana speciesamo-dubainbanana species that grows tall with a big trunk, good for eating ripe, raw or cooked.
banana speciesekegaunspecies of banana that only as one stem of fruit with 3-5 bananas in the bunch.eꞌebaranspecies of banana in the hiba family, small thin green bananagibu dubainbanana species with small fruit tht grow close to each other on the stem. Cood for cooking, can also be eaten ripe1.5.2Palmhibanbanana that grows tall and is dark green in colour. The bananas are long and only good for cooking on the fire or boiling.hiuahohonbanana species that is light orange in colour, best cooked with pig or fish meat.iagianspecies of banana with short green fruitiridiri dubanbanana species that is green when it is ripe for eating, good for cooking and soup.karapua dubanimported species of banana that has a strong white powder on the leaves. They are good when cooked.maroinspecies of banana that is short growing with a red fruitmokenspecies of banana that grows tall and is best for eating ripe, then cookingmuriinsmall dark green species of banana that remains green when it is ripeopodo dubainbanana species with red or green skin, yellow inside, does not grow tall and is good for eating ripe or in soup1.5.2Palmpirikaninbanana species that grows 1-2m tall, best eaten raw when ripe, also cooked and used in soup.rauriꞌorainspecies of banana in the amo family, inside is red, good for cooking and soupreuriꞌepunspecies of banana that has dark green thick leaves, and the bunch stands upright rather than hanging. Only good for eting mixed with sago, and people pass yellow urine after eating.roiatomeinspecies of banana that when ripe has a green skin and yellow insidetopo dubainsugar banana, imported variety of banana that grows quickly, is small, and is sweet.western dubanbanana species imported from West Papua that has a big stalk, is dark green, and taller than other bananas. A bunch weighs 30-40kg. They can only be eaten cooked.
bandicootoaranbandicoot, echymipera family of mammals(echymipera biasa or kalabu rufescens)1.6Animal
barb (on crab shell)piku-oronbarb on crab shell edge
barkgoroi tamaninner bark of palmtama1 2nbark (of tree)Ka dubui dui imuti-ka, dui tamai kukui imomotoboi-ka.The man peels the bark off the sago, and supports the bark with stakes.1.5.6Parts of a plantcomp.oto-tamacomp.ruꞌatamacomp.tuꞌa tama
bark (outer palm bark)iri ipinouter bark of palm