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lie down (plural objects)irobu 1vmore than one person sleeps or lies downUubi itiodoai ma odaumo, ara taitai goꞌoto-ra paꞌea-rai eito, iihoi-re irobu matii-re ma ioohoumo, mabu ara hiou opuhe matii-ka.You should send the people away, to nearby towns and farms, to find a place to eat and sleep, as this place is desserted.
lifeoroiꞌionlifeUrio Abea, moo oroiꞌioi-ro tui-daka.Heavenly Father, save my life.Ka moo keito piraaꞌo Urio Abeai eito oroiꞌioi iromoabai-ri.Then I thanked my heavenly father for saving my life.Moo-ro aaꞌo taimui Urio Abeai iha pireidai moo oroiꞌioi eito.And that was the time I accepted God into my life.Moo-ro iraromoi-ka, moo oroiꞌioi ai-oropoiꞌo.I thought my life was going to end right there.4.1.2Types of people
lift (plural objects)imiaivar.imiꞌaivlift themimibuaivlift more than one thingIre bukai ma imibuiai.Pick up those books. more than one thing when weavingOmotui pauo bia - retoꞌa-gaꞌu imibuioi aꞌai, retoꞌa-gaꞌu iateꞌemai aꞌai.Weaving is not hard work - lift three up, leave three down.
lift (single object)omiaivar.omiꞌaivliftomibuaivlift one
lift (to test weight)imibuiovlift something to test if it is light or heavyGo'otai ma imibuio, toa-ra, ee ribo-ra. Lift the coconut to see if it is light or heavy.
lighthehenlightMati roo-ro hehe ameaꞌa.You will see the place clearly.1.1.3Weather
likeaibopostlike, approximatelyRoo moo kopei aibo-ka.You look like my carvingOio himio aibo-ka ata omumuꞌai-ka.Just like the new day, the wind is blowing again.Tutu himio eidai bia, pura reto'a aibo.It did not take a long time, about two weeks.
like thataibaiadvlike thatibaiadvlike that, in that way
like thisaraibaisp. var.araibauadvlike thisMoo haꞌima, roo tauo piro hiꞌai araibai oroaꞌoiai paꞌeai eito.I'm tired of how you go very secretively like this to the garden.9.1.5General adverbsaraibauadvlike this
limeamea1nlime, made from cooked and ground shells, chewed with betel nut, used as a white paint to decorate carvings, and as a dust to scatter on a doorstep or person as a sign of peace. Traditionally kept in a pot made from a dried gourd fruit (amea kauduru).
lime stickopiiLLHnlime stick; a thin spatula-like stick used by betel nut chewers to pick up lime from the lime pot, traditionally made of cassowary bone.
linetabanline, things in a lineid.amo-tabataminlineunspec. comp. formrio-tami
lipspuꞌo barinlips as the source of talking a lotIre madei roo puꞌoi barii hato ooꞌa.That word remains on your lips all the time.puꞌo kahurunlipssynpuꞌo-tamapuꞌo-tamanlipssynpuꞌo kahuru
liquidihinliquid, sap, cream, oilgoꞌota ihicoconut oil1.5.6Parts of a plant
listen (instruction by speaker)ororomidiovan instruction to someone to listen to the person speaking
listen (to one thing)oromidio 1vlisten to, hearKeito riꞌo turia-ha moo odii oromidioi-ri.Thank you all for listening to my story.Keito moo odii oromidio ubii.Thank you, who ever has been listening to my story.3.5.1Say
listen (to plural things)iromidiovlisten to more than one thing
liveemidiodiovilive for long time, habitually remain in one placeTutuu hiꞌa poroaꞌoiadio hipura tiato-ha, kamia goꞌotoi-da emidioi modobo-bia, oroihi uubi iruꞌumodio roꞌoa uuꞌui-da pemidiodio. For a very long time he had been going about without clothes, he could not live in a village, but had been living among the graves of the dead.
liverberunliver, often fed to children while the rest of the pig is cookingBerui memiho-ro eidai aꞌai.His lungs will be destroyed.synidiꞌidi beru2.1Bodycomp.idiꞌidi beruidiꞌidi berunsimilar in shape to the lungs, but blacksynberu
lizard skintuꞌa tamanskin from pregnant female lizard used for drum head. Skin of male lizard is too thick, resulting in drum sound that is not sharp. Females are caught when betel nuts are going from green to dry, ripe, yellow. This is the time the female and male can be differentiated. About 5-10 cm from the front to the rear legs is used for the drum head.
lizard speciesabaronlizard species with rough face and back, a balloon throat, and that jumps between trees, dull grey in colour
lizard speciesaraungecko speciesduudu2ngreen species of lizardgaꞌaiꞌoperanlizard species that is small in size (simliar to a gecko) with smooth skinhaahinlizard species with long tail, up to 3m in lengthThe hahi is fast and fierce. They live in the bush closer to the hills. They imitate sounds and are good for eating.hahetanyoung hahi lizardkemereLHLnsmall black lizard found under low bushes or around banana plantskiriarenlizard species that is brown, fat, short and fast, with ugly face and triangular tailkupuꞌauonlizard with short fat face, large in sizetuꞌanlizard1.6Animalcomp.tuꞌa tamaubau2nblue-tongued skink (Tiliqua gigas)
loadiomutivput more than one thing into one or more other things, one by oneIriomutibiimo didimoi kiauka aiha piraaꞌee-biimo.After we had loaded them, at last the three of us paddled off and around the corner.7.3.1Carry
loanabitoreMotunloan, debtRoo raꞌaibou abitore-ro mooꞌa?How much is your debt?