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obeyoromidio 2vobey, listen and act on what is heardRoo paidubui-to amoromidio, kehibuo gaboi oro emapui aꞌai-ka.If you want to obey God, he will show you the narrow road (the right road).
object (verb, repeatedly)omotoutivobject repeatedly
object (verb)omotoꞌavobject
object of verb (plural)i-3 1vmarks more than one object of a verbRuu gaa'u ru'a omodau, ata meree ru'a keeke imodau.He is carrying one piece of wood, the other person is carrying many pieces of wood.
obtainimeꞌevget (for them), do (for them)Turia-ha meree kekei beibi rirai aiha ma imeꞌei.Every child should therefore be immunised. Ida pooꞌu kopei imeꞌede dubui.Then along came an artifact collector.9.1.2Do
offeringpouenfood offered to the spirits, that was later eaten by the chiefs
offspringmeree 2LLsp. var.mere3noffspring; son or daughterAta himioi abeai-re mereei-re odai-ka buꞌi eito gaꞌai iriodioi.One day father and son went to the bush to cut out material for some bows.4.1.9Kinshipcomp.meree-keehicomp.merehio
oftenmadiovoften, usuallyBadareꞌe rii tamu rautu-ka, mia titi-titi-kaumo. Rii kopoi-da emieituti-ha oraꞌoia madio-kaumo.Butterflies have wings that are colourful. They always rest on flowers and look for nectar.Ara odii ruu gaaꞌu aibo-ka, ubii-ro tiꞌo-ra goro-rai raiboi mimotuti madio-duumo emerai oadu'o-ka.This story is the same, whether telling how people weave mats or baskets.8.4Time
oilherenoil that comes from a hole bored in a diomo (camphor) tree. It is rubbed on skin to make it shiny and to have a good smell for dancing. It is also rubbed on small sores, and on sago thorn punctures, to help the thorn come out.
okari nutuaeanokari tree, the nut is sweet to eat; The bark can be used as a cough treatment by steeping it in cold water until the water is black, then drinking, which helps someone to cough up sputum. Used for canoes. Yellow terminalia tree.terminalia sp.1.5.1Tree
okaykaireinterjokay, that's it!
old (people)paꞌuriadjold, used to describe people, things are pamo (old).Oobo paꞌuri ata odabuai-ka.Another old woman joined her.Ara dubu paꞌuri urei emaaꞌo meree kehi eito.This old man is coughing straight towards his son., not young
old (things)pamonold, derelict, not used to decribe people, they are pa'uri.Moo kiauka odai-ka Ramasu moto pamoi goroi-da idebi piroto.But as for me, I went and sat under Namasu's old house and was weeping tears.
onegaaꞌuadjoneMapaio ato uro gaaꞌu-ka, himio atai piroꞌumo Baimuru.We slept one night at Mapaio, and the next day came to Baimuru.8.1.1Numberunspec. comp. formora-gaaꞌucomp.retoꞌa-gaaꞌugaaꞌubuoadjoneRuu rautu reto'a-gaa'u dububai'o-ro poo'umo, reto'ai peei-da pioidio, gaa'ubuoi rautu pidiai ruuHe came with three men, two stayed in the boat, and one came up with him.8.1.1Number
one bloodora-gaaꞌunone blood, family, blood relatives
one punchobiꞌotai 2vdrop someone with a single punchMoo modobo bia, moo rautu gaau-ha obiꞌotai raꞌai. You are not fit (to fight) with me, I will drop you with one punch.
ongoing-dio 2v > van action which is ongoingAra dubui ru'ai ipi-da emidio.This man is sitting in the middle of a log.Boomoi iobodidioi-da, dubui aiha poo'u omo barai...While the pig was chasing him, the man came to the river bank...
onlybehaadvonlyAaꞌo ruꞌai paha tiato-ka, ekeꞌeke beha-ka.That tree had no leaves, only branches.Ka duoi moo-ro dodo iiꞌii-ka duoduo atai moo giꞌepu beha piraꞌai-ka.And that night I forgot, and only remembered my mother again in the morning.Ka moo ata-ra iraromo bia, irai adimo behai iraromai-ka.And I don't think of them any more, except in the evening when the sun is setting.
openaꞌeraivopenMa adoi ma emaꞌerai aꞌai.Knock and the door will be opened.antoopai6.5.1.1Houseemapeꞌemaivopen
open (cause to)imaahe'eaivcause something to be pulled open, such as the wind opening a door
open (each one)iaꞌerutivopen each of them
open (for oneself)araꞌeraivopen for yourself
open (for someone)emaꞌeraivcause to open, or open for someoneRuu araimai-da, birii adooi aꞌai, ka birii gaaꞌu hiꞌa-ha ma emaꞌeraimoWhen he returns, he will knock on the door, and they will quickly open the door for him.
open (plural objects)iaꞌeraivopen many
open (repeatedly)aꞌerutivopen repeatedlyBiiri ataata a'eruti'a! Do not open the door again and again!
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