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a-cfam-advpfxQuestion Marker for a polar (yes/no) questionPeei ameaꞌaumo? - ImodudioCan you see the canoe? - It's there.Umo amiꞌi ka?Have you understood?
aa'o raurifor that reason
aa'umufreqaa'umutividrownRuu ai-paa'umo, oboi-da.She drowned in the water
aa'umutionceaa'umuvdrown, used when a number of people or animals drown separately in a single event.Peei ai-poruhobia uubi rautu, tuai-da, ka ami'ai ai-paa'umutimo.The canoe overturned in the ocean, with people, and some drowned.
aabeeꞌevwhen a watercourse (river, drain, well) extends itselfAra oomoi ihaha aabee'e.This river is really getting wide.
aaboriacfaboriavwhen a baby starts sucking on it's mothers breast
aadinsponge something to make it coolerDubu obo gua'oi-da aadi tamai erara-ka.With cool water, sponge the man's hot skin.
aadohomaifreqaadohutivsettle down, finish
aadohutionceaadohomaivisettle down, die down, as in waves or coals becoming smallerTuomo-ra aubo-rai aadohuti-ka, piroha iiꞌii-kaThe storm wind and the waves finished, they grew quiet.Abumo'a, auboi madohuti-ka Don't go across until the waves die downRoo odau'a heamoi madohuti-ka Do not go till the fight has settled down.
aadoꞌovflowOboi ai-aado'o.The water is flowing
aahevboil water Ara dubai pari ai-aahe. This pot of bananas is boiling.
aaheemaivgo into water7.2.4Travel
aaheꞌeaitransimaahe'eaicfaheꞌeaiv1when a palm leaf or bunch of fruit pulls itself off the trunk of the palm2yawn, when the mouth pulls itself open
aahi-upina spirit woman
aahocfkomoovhunt by cornering animals, then chasing them out onto the path where they can be speared.Moo aaho rodau. I am going hunting
aahootiaivrunMoo ireibuai-da piraahootiai-ka.When I stood up, I ran. quickly
aahuadjstrong, often used as a call of warning, to be careful or to be strong.antpapa
aahuiꞌovreject, say noMark-ro pahui'o iema'aimo raai. Mark rejected the thing they gave
aahuꞌiocfaahuꞌiodoaivpush away, or push out a little way, the way the tide pushes something a small distance
aahuꞌiodoaicfaahuꞌioaahuꞌiodoaitutivpush out a long way, give a big push so that something goes a long way outOboi ai-oruo pei ita aahu'iodoai. When the water is going out, it must push the canoe out
aahuꞌiodoaituticfaahuꞌiodoaivpush something a long way out, with lots of pushes
aahuꞌuLLHLadjstrong, hardPamukiri: ruu geega hura-ka, mereri aibo-ka, irai ruu tamai amiꞌai ahu-ka, amiꞌai hoobobo-ka.Pumpkin: it is a large fruit, like a melon, but its flesh is somewhat hard, somewhat soft., firm
aamaatoaicfaatoaivcause to lose, or lose for someone
aamairiaivpush something in (towards the shore)Oboi ai-oiro pei ita aamairiai. When the water is coming in, it will push the canoe in.