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atumiaiselfaratumuaivto fill something up
aturutivprune, break off
atuꞌumaifreqatuꞌutivstep on one thing, one time
atuꞌutionceatuꞌumaimanyiatuꞌutivtstep on one thing many times
auntype of coconut where the fruit is clustered close
aubonwave, on both rivers and the sea, both large and small
auere-horoncheek boneMade ipi hiiro-hiiro-ha aa'aa, roo auere-horoi ehebiai ra'ai. Stop talking so much I will break your cheek bone.
auere-obocfkaꞌiromihi-mihina medium tide that has more range than ka'iro, but is smaller than normal and moves slowly Named 'mullet water' as it is a good time to catch mullet
auhiovdig a well
auhiomaiselfarauhioarauhiomaiverode or be broken away by something, such as water eroding the ground, a bulldozer knocking over a mound, squeezing a sago block to make a piece crumble off, or when the roots pull up the ground with a tree that is forced over.Mihai-ro auhiomai maaka hepu. The rain already eroded the ground. Duu kopi auhiomai rimo adimo duu ma ididi. Break off a piece of the sago bundle so that we can make dinner.
auhutivcultivateRoo riora rii iodouti, roo-ro hepui auhuti a'ai.Before planting them, make sure the ground is cultivated.
auhuꞌutivpush here and there, push aroundMoo auhu'uti'a, moo meree keehi bia. Don't push me here and there, I am not a child.
auman1troubleRimo ata umo iiꞌii bia rimo aumai.We had no idea about any trouble brewing. emapoi bia.Do not judge others.
aumo-aumoadjvery weak, near deathUmui iha aumo-aumoi a'ai, ihiai a'ai. The dog is very weak it will die.
auonsnakeAra dubui auoi-ro uuho-ka.This man has been bitten by a snake.1.6Animal
auo girinnecklace made from 'dragon' teeth traded from Western Province, not from a local animal
auo girinecklace
aupaivswell, grow in sizeAaꞌo adimoi moo otoi aiha paupai.That evening my foot was swollen up.Roo-ro moo kimai-da ai-aromioi-da, peei-da aromia, moo topi aupai-ka.When you catch me with a line and put me in the canoe my belly will swell.2.5.1Sick
aupopliauposelfaraupovtwist one shoot open, such as opening a nipa shoot or a coconut shootIda omohai-da, ma aupoi, ma irudei, himioi ahura ma iamotoꞌai himioi-da, miamai-ka.When you bring them out of the bush, you should twist it open, and tear the leaves off, and lay them out in the sun to dry.7.3.2Move something in a direction
auputivbreak bamboo to make it flatBeuma toa'toai auputi, erai maradiaumo. Break the dry bamboo, to start the fire.
auꞌaivpush down with forceRogui au'ai, uubi-ro pirito ido'otuti kaumo. Push down the pawpaw tree, people are stealing.
auꞌamaikainspecies of tree, quandongelaeocarpus sp.