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aamaꞌe2n1cubicle in a long house allocated to a specific clan 2clanRoo, moo aama'ei meree bia.You are not my clansman.
aamaꞌe paiunspec. comp. form ofaamaꞌe2 2pai 2
aamaꞌedeatransemamaꞌedeafreqamaꞌedeselfaraamaꞌadeeraamaꞌadeavhit oncesynirihati
aamaꞌuedial. var.aamaꞌuoGoWmanyiaamaꞌuevinvite oneHiiro uubi piaamaꞌue.He invited many people.
aamaꞌuoGoWdial. var. ofaamaꞌue
aameediivtake a different path, go another wayEmeheai-ka, ruu imada'ui gaboi, aameedii, ka gabo atai obodoiHe left, was walking on the path, changed direction, and followed another path.
aamiaivvisitMoo raꞌu meai-ra, Paidubui maamui-ro moo ma raamiai?Why has this good thing happened to me, that the Lord's mother would visit me?
aamiꞌaadjsomeAra rimo emidioumo hepui ruu kehibuo-ka, mia hepu aamiꞌai rii kekai-da imia.This land where we live is a small one, and there other lands around us.Rimo aamiꞌai geꞌii mia amiꞌai geꞌii tiato.Some of us are happy, some are not.Himio atai-da Baimuru ato iridiri-da, piraraimaimo aamiꞌai rautu goꞌotoi eito.One day I was returning home from Baimuru with my mates by outboard motor.TB muramurai iheꞌuo raa bia, hiiroi-ri aamiꞌai-ha idio raa bia.Do not throw away TB medicines or not take some because there are so many.8.1.1Number
aapensign, a vision. This could be a fish jumping out of the water, facing the direction of the problem, so that a person knows they need to go that way quickly.Ruu aape raa tauo eaꞌa maakaHe had just seen a vision.
aapediovvanish, disappearDuu'i-da piradi erai, irai aiha paapedio hi'o hi'ai-to. There was a fire in the dark but it vanished very quickly.
aapoꞌiacfemaapoꞌiaplaapoꞌo1visudden loud shout or noise that causes or expresses shock, made by one thing, such as a fish bursting from the water, a gun going off, or one piece of green bamboo exploding in the fire. Aapo'ia moo'a? Why are you shouting? Guruu-ro aapoꞌia.The thunder shouted (once).
aapoꞌo1sgaapoꞌiavmany sudden sounds, such as lots of gunfire or thunder.Mumuoi ioo'ui-da rimo turiaha ai-raapo'o duumo.When the earthquake came (last night), we were all shouting.Guruu-ro aapoꞌo.The thunder kept shouting (many times).
aapoꞌo2vgerminate, hatch, the first sign of a new life from a seed or an eggAgauhuti mea-ha, hepui hobobo hiꞌai-da amibo, paꞌeai raarai upi-ha apoꞌoi aꞌai kaumo.If you cultivate well and the ground is very soft, the garden plants can germinate healthily.Moo iohu hepui oaduꞌoi raꞌai hepu hiꞌai ma omabai-ri, rara matei upi-ha ma apoꞌoumoi-ri.I make compost in order to enrich the soil, so that plants will germinate healthily in it.6.2Agriculture
aaromanyiaaropliodouti1vshoot (an arrow) into, push (something) into as if a spear, as in when planting a banana shoot or a stick in the groundAbeai mahumo atai eidai-ka, iuꞌatoi-da, momoꞌoi aaroi-ka, rituo-ha.The father took an arrow, put it to the bow, and shot the bird dead.Meree-behei araimai-ka pa'eai eito ata, meimei aaro-ka. The girl returned to the garden again, and planted the pineapple.7.2Move
aarodiotransemaarodiomanyiarodiovwatch over, look after one itemsyneaꞌa
aatetransemaatefreqiatutiselfaraatevtfill up (with liquid)
aatoaitransaatomouticfaamaatoaimanyiatoaiselfaraatoaivtlose somethingRoo boꞌu-ro miraromo, roo himia oroiꞌioi araahoꞌoi, ka aatoai aꞌai, irai boꞌu oroiꞌioi maatoai moo-ri, ruu oroiꞌioi aꞌaiYou who think you would keep your life, will lose it, but you who would lose your life for me, will live.
aatomoutifromaatoaivlose each thing, lose everything
aatuHLUramacfbomo-uhoncatfish variety, largest in size, which can grow to more than a metre in length, yellow in colour1.6.1.5Fish
aatuhaadjtogetherRimo aatuha pirodaumo. We went together.
aaumovsink, lower, including the sinking sun
aaꞌeediovgo around somethingOorio hau'i aa'eedio. Go around the playing ground (as part of training).
aaꞌeematidiovgo downwards or sidewards rapidlyRuu-ro aa'eematidio gaboi orobu po'io pee kerei-da, tetu. She rapidly declined on the slippery piece of canoe on the road yesterday.
aaꞌeutivbreak into piecesImei giri aa'euti. Break the teeth off the crab.
aaꞌina polite way to address an older brother or sister. Parents also use this when praising their children, but when it has been used, children cannot refuse to do what they have been told, as they have just been praised.