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aaꞌimovsaid to a group of people to send them ahead, the speaker will come behind
aaꞌo1sp. var.aꞌotransemaaꞌov1speak, sayAta himioi momoꞌoi-ro aaꞌoi-ka, Ma roorioi-do.One day the bird said, "Let us-2 play."Moo aaꞌoi-ka, "Moo umo-ka roo-ro moo aiꞌiai aꞌai."I said, "I know you are going to beat me."Ka moo keito piraaꞌo Urio Abeai eito oroiꞌioi iromoabai-ri.Then I thanked my heavenly father for saving my life.3.5.1Say2idiomatic reference to falling rainMihai aa'o.It is raining. Lit: The rain is speaking.
aaꞌo2adjthatAaꞌo didimoi moo mari rautu obodi-ka.After that I appeared with a great big smile. pronouns
aaꞌotaitransimaaꞌotaimanyiaaꞌotaihabaꞌotaatidiovcarry across the shoulder7.3.1Carry
aaꞌuvkickBooroi aa'uai!Kick the ball!
aaꞌubaivcome to the surface of the water, such as a float that was stuck in the mud, comes unstuck, and comes to the surface Gumi'umi rautu aa'ubai. It surfaced with bubbles
aba1nfather, term of respect for a man
abagaarenhandle of sago poundersynramuꞌu
abaronlizard species with rough face and back, a balloon throat, and that jumps between trees, dull grey in colour
abea1plabeamiꞌonfatherAta himioi abeai-re mereei-re odai-ka buꞌi eito gaꞌai iriodioi.One day father and child went to the bush to cut out material for some bows.4.1.9Kinshipcomp.raamu-abeaabea keehicomp.nfather or mothers's brother, uncleabeatacomp.nsame-aged friendAta himioi ai-pemidioido mea hiꞌa abeata-ti.Once there were two good friends.4.1.1Friend
abea2nbag for squeezing sago
abeamiꞌosgabea1nfathers, a group of fathers, often used to refer to older menRimo abeamiꞌoi Bavi ato pooꞌumo.Our fore-fathers came from Bavi., mother
abeatacomp. ofabea1
abidioonceabimaivpaddleAbidioi-ka, goꞌotoi eito.He paddled to the village. by water
abimaimanyiabimaihababidiovto paddle a single time, called out as an encouragment to someone.
abitoreMotunloan, debtRoo raꞌaibou abitore-ro mooꞌa?How much is your debt?
abonhouse post, that goes from the ground to the floor of the house and that bearers sit on top of
aboaꞌeaGoWdial. var. ofoaheꞌa
aboriacfaaboriavwhen a mother puts the breast into the baby's moth so that it will start sucking milkMeree daodaoi amoi aboriaPut the breast in the young child's mouth.
abouꞌunpost hole
abusp. var.aabutransomabucfoabuhababudiovgo across, go out, swim acrossAbui omahoroi-ka irooꞌu tuiai gaꞌe hiꞌai-da, auo geemai aiha peibua.When I came to the middle of the river, a very big snake appeared.Mereei ioriꞌoi-da boroi gaboi-da ai-pabu, ka ruu aaꞌo boroi eida pabu, gaboi ipi-da.While the child was playing the ball went out onto the path, and he went out onto the path to get that ball.7.2.4Travel
abudepliabudevpeel, remove the outer layerAra ooboi rai patai abudeThis woman is peeling (scaling) fishAbude dubai!Peel the banana!