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ahoꞌoofreqahoꞌooutiv1call (someone's name)Paidubui-ro moo pirahoꞌoo.The Lord is calling me.Kiauka ruu emahoꞌooi-ka.Finally she called him.Roo mereei aho'oo ma oo'ui. You call, your child should come.Meree tutuu hi'a aho'oo, ati modaui? She has been calling for a long time, where has the child gone?3.5.1Say2guess, call out what you think something is
ahoꞌootiaipliahoꞌootiaivcall one person to come
ahoꞌooutionceahoꞌoopliahoꞌooutiselfarahoꞌooutincall repeatedly, guess what you think something is, countMoo ra'u rohidio tuui-da? Maa aho'oouti! What am I holding in my hand? You should guess (multiple times)8.1.1Number
ahuevrest, always occurs with hora (a rest)Moo tutuu mati roo'u aa'o rauri hora ahuei ra'ai. I came from a long way place, and I will rest.Moo auo hi'a imada'ui a'ai bia, moo rio-ka hora ahuei I cannot walk any further, I want to rest.Rii ro'oai ho'ui-da piahueumo horai. They rested on top of the mountain.
ahuediselfarahuedivpour, spout
ahuraitransemahuraifreqiahuropliahuraiselfarahuraivtake something out, remove something
ahurai mereecfmahuuꞌona child who has been adopted, whose may or may not have one or two living birth parents, the adoption is usually not mentioned to the child in case it causes conflicts. lit: 'taken child'
ahuꞌeediselfarahuꞌedivpour, tip outMereki imoru'o oboi ahu'eedi rimo-ka. Pour the dirty water out after we wash the plate.
ahuꞌuaivpush one thing into another, such as an oar into the ground, or a plug into a powerpointBoboi obobo, ka aboi ahu'uai. Dig the hole and plant the post.
ai-vpfxevent in focus; significant change of direction in sequence of eventsKa moo ai-piromotoido riiꞌii.The two of them took care of me and I grew.Aaꞌo himioi rimoi-ti ai-piromotido.That day we two were waiting.
aia11ncreator spirit2npropGod
aia2prtif. This word is always followed by an irrealis verb that starts with m- g- or r-
aia-boomonspirit pig
aia-raanspirit thing, monster
aiabentraditional axe made from stones collected from the river. They were sharpened by rubbing the stones together to create an edge.
aibaiadvlike that
aibi1n1paddle7. on crab, crab leg that is used for swimming3fish fin other than dorsal fin or tail
aibi1 1paddle
aibi1 1paddle
aibi2cfbedoro1nkwila tree, more often called bedoro
aibopostlike, approximatelyRoo moo kopei aibo-ka.You look like my carvingOio himio aibo-ka ata omumuꞌai-ka.Just like the new day, the wind is blowing again.Tutu himio eidai bia, pura reto'a aibo.It did not take a long time, about two weeks.
aiea kopinwhite cloudsynoori
aiguricfpata duuinbird.sp
aihaadvtherefore, at last, ending upMoo-ro dui pirototo aiha piramuiꞌa-ka.I beat the sago until at last it was finished.Turiaha meree kekeei beibi rirai aiha ma imeꞌei.Every child should therefore get immunised.8.4Time
aihimovstart of birth painsMoo mereei-ro ai-raihimo. My child is giving me birth pains
aiineldest brother in the familyAii, roo aibi ita remeidai maketi-da. Eldest brother, you must buy me a paddle at market.