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-aikecf-ꞌavsfxdon't, never. People mostly use -ꞌa, rather than -aike in current KopeDohoito-ro odau-aike meree kekee rautu goꞌu geroꞌo imotoi.After that I didn't go hunting rats with the boys., not
aimaravirush (term of praise)Ruu aimara hiꞌa-kaShe is very busy; she is rushing about.Obo boboi aimarai-to oiro.The water is rushing up in the well.Ara mereei rarai idodiai aimara hiꞌa-ka.This person is rushing doing things.Ruu-ro moo omoti bia, ruu aimara-ha odau sikuri eito.He did not wait for me, he went to school quickly.synhio
aionmother, tradional term used to refer to your own mother
aiomonspecies of tree, commercial name kisochisocheton sp.
aipaucftuomo aipaunseagulls and shearwaters. In the rainy season the chest and tail feathers become black
aipotransemaipoemaiputifreqaiputivclear, make a clearingEpui-da roo-ro mati aipoi aꞌai.First you must clear the bush.Rimo oio goꞌoto aipoi raꞌai kaumo.We will clear a new village.6.2Agriculture
aipoovnot growing at the normal rate for that age, stuntedAipoo-ka, pauoi-to ii'ii.She is stunted, she finds it hard to grow.
aiputionceaipovkeep making a clearing
airecfaureadjthat (over there where I am pointing)Ida ruu-ro paaꞌo, "Ma emeꞌa aire memiho mereei, gagaꞌoi goroi-da."Then he said, "Look at that evil person there between the dead sago leaves." pronouns
aiꞌiav1hit, beat, killMoo ruꞌa kerei-da aiha piraiꞌia.He was beating me with a stick.Moo aaꞌoi-ka, "Moo umo-ka, roo-ro moo aiꞌiaiꞌai."I said, "I know you are going to beat me."Ruu iodoi-da moo aiha piraiꞌia, kukui aiha perehebuti.She pulled be out of the water and started beating me, until the stick broke.Amo idiꞌai tuiai-da moo aiha piraiꞌia, peei-da omiai-ka.When Grandmother got out of the water, she smacked me hard and put me into the canoe.Roo imaiꞌiaumo imobodidioumo.They will beat you and chase you away.Ka moo-ro boomoi aiꞌiai-ka rituo-ha omutaꞌai-ka.Then I killed the pig, leaving it lying dead on the ground.2afflictTupi horo hiꞌa-ro aiꞌiai aꞌaiHe will be very skinny. [He will be afflicted with boney body.]7.9.1Damage
akakoonshort sticks added along the inside of a canoe to hold cargo in place when it is higher than the edge of the canoeRaarai irahio toe-ka, peei raarai akakoo a'ai. I am afraid these things might fall, so I'll put sticks at the side of the canoe.
akakopuGidial. var. ofikakoopuBaBuGoU
akerecfomiirona canoe of only women
akiakiansoldier beetles, Therates labiatus Frabricius (carabidae)
akoanwater lying on the ground due to rain
akorentraditional weapon like a small knife, made from a cassowary thigh bone,
akoꞌakonplant in the ginger family (scottiana hornstedtia) with edible fruit that comes in red or white, fruits in dry season
akunbag for carrying, made from sago shoots
am-cfa-ag-advpfxyes-no question marker, or irrelis marker, combined with second and third person (m-), in the future, present and recent past (earlier today).

'Do you/he/she/they...?' 'You/he/she/they should..."
Roo mooi-do amiraromo?Do you think about me?Moo abeai totomu made amoroaduꞌuti moo piroha emidioi-ka.If my father should give me advice, I sit quietly and listen to him.Roo paidubui-to amoromidio, kehibuo gaboi-ro emapui aꞌai-ka.Should you want to follow God, he will show you the narrow road (the right road).Eaꞌa! Bereberei-ro ameremabe.Watch! Lightning might strike.
amaamosp. var.amamon1fool, term of abuse2carelessBoroi amamo-ha amuhioꞌa, roo oorio paꞌai geꞌii aꞌaimo bia!Do not kick the ball carelessly, your team are not happy!
amaamo obocfmiren1wine, beer, drink that can make a fool of you2drink laced with poison
amai1manyiamaivdry one item
amai2ntree species with wax like sap that is used to join a spear to its handle. Papua New Guinea Lapome or calophyllumcalophyllum sp.1.5.1Tree
Piece of amaai bark, with sapamai2tree.sp
aamai sap used to join a spear head and spear handleamai2tree.sp
amaai treeamai2tree.sp
cutting in amaai bark to retrieve sapamai2tree.sp