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amairiaivbring close by handMeree keehi amairiai roo taitai eito.Bring the child close to you.
amamosp. var. ofamaamo
amauacfgerebadirintraditional song used by the Karuramio clan, among others, during initiation. It was also used when they killed or captured a person, then they would tie the ee'ee in the longhouse, and sing this song.
amaꞌedeonceaamaꞌedeaselfarama'edeavhit repeatedly, beatRoꞌoa kopi-da iamaꞌede.You beat them with rocks.
amea1nlime, made from cooked and ground shells, chewed with betel nut, used as a white paint to decorate carvings, and as a dust to scatter on a doorstep or person as a sign of peace. Traditionally kept in a pot made from a dried gourd fruit (amea kauduru).
amea2ntree with white bark, that grows large, if you lean on the bark you will get white dust on your body or clothes, has long dark green leaves.
amea-dunvariety of sago that grows 13-15 m tall, 70-75cm diametre, produces white starch that is not very bright. It has thick leaves, and thorns that are not too sharp but are strong. It grows both inland and near rivers, and has a hard bark1.5.2.1Sago
ameꞌamedial. var.gameꞌameGinsmall bugs that fly around the light at night time or around fruit
amicfhuondecoration made from sago palm to welcome visitors
amiavstring a bow by bending the bow and hooking on the stringMotoi iimimamiai dubui ga'ai amia bia. The man who entered into the house did not put the string on the bow.
amimioneave stringer
amiravwhen two men exchange their wives for sexual relationsAra dubuoti amiira-ka.These two men exchanged wives.
amitiaipliamitihabamitidiovhang one thing
amitidiotransimamitidiomanyiamitidioonceamitiaivcarry one thing hanging it from something else, which could be someone's back, or could be a hook or a post
amon1breast2.1Body2milkamo-tabaid.nudder and teats on pig or other animal that has lines of teats
amo-dubainbanana species that grows tall with a big trunk, good for eating ripe, raw or cooked.
amo-rurunbra, ruru is a traditional way of folding a nipa leaf into a shape that is similar to a bra.5.3Clothing
amodipliamodivopen, one thing opens itself
amohoꞌomanyiamohoꞌoselfaramohoꞌovshiver, shake because of something inside, such as shaking a coconut to check for water, or the shaking of a pupae when a butterfly is forming, or shaking a container to hear what is inside, or shivering from cold
amootiaifreqamoutivspit one time on one thing Roo doai io'mudio goei-da, bogobogo pepai amootiai. With betel nut in your mouth, spit it on the white paper.
amoto1vput downMeree kehi amoto, himia ma imadaui. Put the child down to walk by himself.
amotoboaBaBuGoUWLLLLHdial. var.etereGiMnsmall species of centipede that glows in the dark when squashed