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amotooꞌapliamotoovspread out to dryTio pahai ito didimoi-da, ruu-ro himioi-da iamotooꞌai-ka himioi-ro ma iamai-ri.After cooking the pandanas leaf, she spread it out in the sun, so the sun might dry them.7.5.9Put
amoutionceamootiaipliamoutivspray water on something, using something (eg mouth, pump sprayer) Ruu emaꞌai aꞌai kaumo Iehoma uumoo tiato uubi eito, ka emerioi aꞌai kaumo, omomoruodioi aꞌai kaumo, ka oobei-da mamouti duumoThey will give him to the people who do not know God, and they will mock him, insult him, and spit on him.Amouti oboi-da motoi keka-kekai eito.Spray water around the house.
amoꞌobiafreqamoꞌobopliamoꞌobovhit once, hard. This could be two hands hitting each other (a clap), or hand hiting an object, or two objects (bat and ball) hitting each other.
amoꞌoboonceamoꞌobiamanyiamoꞌobovhit repeatedly, such as when pounding one piece of bark for tapa cloth
amuaitransimamuaiimimamuaicfemamuai2manyimadomoselfaramuaivspear one thing, plant a stick in the ground
amudiavhookRua ipi amudia ma rotomaimo. Hook the log for us to pull it up.
amuhiomanyiamuhiohabamuhiodidiovkick once Boroi amamo-ha amuhioꞌa, roo oorio paꞌai geꞌii aꞌaimo bia! Do not kick the ball carelessly, your team are not happy!
amuhiodidioonceamuhiovkick repeatedly, but object does not moveOdau emeꞌai, uiai amuhiodidio umui, boꞌu umu-ro? Go and see the dog that the cassowary kicked, whose dog is it?
amuhuꞌaivbiteMoo giri tutu'utu-ka, roo amuhu'ai ra'ai.My teeth are long, I will bite you.
amuhuꞌutitransemamuhuꞌuaieremamuhuꞌutivshake repeatedely, not necesarily for a reason, a larger motion than an omuuo shake
amuiꞌavcrack, breakAra goꞌotai amuiꞌa.Crack the coconut.Emeeꞌa mereei-ro epui-ha imamuiꞌa-ka.Whoever finds you will just break your head.Moo-ro dui pirototo aiha piramuiꞌa ka.I beat it until it was broken.
amumu1cfemamutipliamutivhusk a coconut
amumu2ninject, stab, including planting a stick into the ground
APC gogaGidial. var. ofbubuhio
apencloth sewn from thick pandanus used to carry sago, or to cover a bowl. Could also be used as a plate
ape marionlarge (50-60cm) hawk that has stripes under it's wings when it flies, possibly eastern osprey (Haliastur indus)
apihimaifreqapihitivrub out one thing with a single motion Made ipi gaa'ui memiho-ka, apihimai. One word in the middle is wrong, rub it out.
apihitivar.apioutitransemapihitiimapihitionceapihimaipliapihitivrub something out with repeated motionsAtai apihiti, atai emeheai.Rub one out, leave the other.
apipiitipliapipiitivdeflate, take the air out of a ball or anything that has air in it.
apodovuncoverDui huae apodo Remove the nipa leaf from the sago.
apohocfgoorohitonbag woven from the gooro tree that is used to carry sago, as well as to carry small items. Apoho have a wider opening than hito.
apoꞌiaplapoꞌovburst or break open one thing, such as making a hole in a young coconut so that you can drink it, or a coconut falling to the ground a breaking open, or bursting a boil, or a chick hatching from an egg, or bursting a bubbleGoꞌota oboi apoꞌia.Break open the coconut water.
apoꞌopliapoꞌosgapoꞌiavburst or break one thing with many strikes, or many things with one strike each, such as a mother hen breaking open an egg to help the chick out..Meree kehi adoꞌopi apoꞌoBreak the small child's boils