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baagi1sp. var.baginflying fox, fruit bat1.6Animal
baagi2Englbaggynunderpants (slang)
babainfern species, the shoots are eaten as a vegetable5.2Food
babaꞌonbeak of chicken or cassowaryKokori baba'oi kaiai-da bo'u-ro mahiai? Who cut the beak of the chicken with a knife?
baboKerbabocfmabiarara2nrespectful term for an older or younger sister4., sister
badainsmall plant of which the leaves are rubbed as a pain killer; has both red leaves and green leaves; usually grows wild, but is sometimes planted on purpose
badareꞌenbutterflyBadareꞌe rii tamu rautu-ka, mia titi-titi-kaumo. Rii kopoi-da emiei tuti-ha oraꞌoia madio-kaumo.Butterflies have wings that are colourful. They always rest on flowers and look for nectar.
baduHHnpigeon or dove, including two types (humuhumu and mipa)Badu ruꞌai ekei-da.The pigeon is on the tree branch.comp.humuhumu baduhumuhumumipu baducomp.npeaceful dove or Pinon's imperial pigeon or purple-tailed imperial pigeon, larger variety of dove or pigeon
baduanthe dark night when the moon rises just before dawn, a good time for hunting cuscus.Omei baduai-da pitoi ru'ai-da rea'a maaka. He saw the cuscus in the tree, in the early morning moon light.syngarumi
bagisp. var. ofbaagi1
bagi-dunvariety of sago that is smaller than eꞌero-du, has dark green, long thin leaves, produces a reddish starch. The bark is not very strong. The thorns are long and thin, and lined up in rows.
bagonsmall slippery species of fish tht lives in a hole in the ground or among rotten nipa leaves, and makes a good bait.
bagoranattic, a space below the roof of the house to keep things
bairuaLLLHvar.taumunowl, marbled frogmouth or papuan frogmouth
baiꞌinlarge grey heron, great billed heron
-baiꞌocf-ꞌonsfxa suffix that indicates a group of a type of people, a respectful termMeree-keekei, buhe-bai'oi rautu, turiaha imadudueumoi-ka upi-bai'oi rautu, ma odaumoi-ri bu'i eito.The children, with the young women, send them all with the women, they should go into the bush.
bamebamenbird, royal spoonbill
bamu horonsection from a fruit ball of a nipa palm when it is fleshy (between kahuru and u'opu)
bamurinspecies of tree that is good for timber, but some people are allergic to it; commercial name hekakoro or glutagluta papuana
baobaꞌunsmall crab, 2-3cm across the shell, with purple claws
baraaHLLn1lower ribs2.1Body2the side or gunwale of a canoeMoo peei baraai-da irotoꞌai-da, emediai-ka, oboi eito.I stood on the side of the canoe and jumped into the water. of paddle bladesyngirigiri bank
barabaranbig tree species with round leaves and thick white bark, commercial name bass woodendosperm sp.1.5.1Tree
baratenthe bone of the shoulder, shoulder bladesyngaꞌima2