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diapeople crying and turning upside down.
diadianmiddle finger (not a familiar term to everybody)2.1Body
diamonsound; newsOio uubi-ro amiiꞌa madei diamoi Pidiri rautu idabui.Young people mix the sound of the words with Pidgin.Diamoi ioromaimoi-da, uubi geemai-ro ai-piraromomo, ida ai-paraatomo, “Ara mereeu raꞌu-ro ooꞌai maꞌai?”When people heard the news they thought about it a lot, and asked themselves, "Who will this child be?"3.5.1Say
diamo-diamoadjnoisy, lots of sound
didia-didiaadvacheMoo gimiri temeteme didia-didia-ka.My back is paining and aching.2.5.1Sick
didimonafter, behindAaꞌo didimoi, moo mari rautu obodi-ka.After that, I appeared with a great big smile.Ka aaꞌo didimoi-da, resi oaheai-ka, mabu goroi odudio oboi geema-ka.After that you must make drains to take the rainwater away.Hiꞌoi-da, ruu iamagauriai-ka, didimoi eito.Suddenly he jumped back (lit: towards the back) in fright.8.4Time
didionground that is temporarily soft and muddy due to flood or rain or overuse1.2.1Land
-dievsfxmarker of singular recent past (yesterday)Tetuu, roo raai iito-die, dububai'oi ima'ai-die. Yesterday, you cooked a fish and gave it to the men.
dima1ntraveller, person who comes and gos to sell things2traveller's basket, a basket with an open weave that is used to carry large loads, or to collect rubbish
dima 2basket.type
dima tepainlarge woven cover made from nipa palm leaves
dimiocfmadu2nspecies of tree, quandonglabula sp.
-diov > vsfx1usually, normally, habituallyMotoi-da pemidiodioumo.They normally stayed at home.Moo Satade himio, ka uubi turiaha goꞌui podaudiomoOn Saturday, everyone normally fishing.... ka boomo geema ata, ruu pairai Irakaraita, ruu iorohodioi-da, goꞌoto uubi raara, moto, paꞌea, uubi toꞌure pimododiaidio.... but a giant pig called Ilakaraita regularly went about destroying everything: possessions, houses, gardens, even people.Aiha amemidio duumo, ka toei-hato emidiodioi raꞌai kaumo.For if we continue living here life will be always full of fear."2an action which is ongoingAra dubui ru'ai ipi-da emidio.This man is sitting in the middle of a log.Boomoi iobodidioi-da, dubui aiha poo'u omo barai...While the pig was chasing him, the man came to the river bank...
diomontree species for making canoes, as well as for producing oil, has long leaves and reddish wood, camphorcamnosperma1.5.1Tree
diꞌi-diꞌina pregnant mother started to have pain, then it stopped
diꞌiinhead rest or pillow, traditionally made of wood.
-dovar.-idovsfxDUAL (two people doing it)Rii-ti iemidioidoi-da udo bia, iha meai pemidioido, rii-ti iemidioido himio modoboi.In their lives there was no enmity between them, they lived very happily together, the whole of their lives.Ata himioi moo mamui rautu, mooi-ti buꞌi-to pirodaido tiꞌo paha iahioi.One day my mother and I went into the bush to cut pandanus leaves.Aaꞌo himioi rimoi-ti ai-piromotido.That day we two were waiting.
=dovar.=idopostto, fromOoꞌu mooi-do.Come to me.Kaida piraaꞌo rii-do, ...And then I said to them, ...Moo-ro peei rioi-da aiha pirirudemea ruui-do.I prayed to him in the canoe.Moo-ro ruui-do dubai gaaꞌu remaꞌai maaka.I gave him one banana.Ka omooꞌu baboi-do.Give it to sister.Roo mooi-do amiraromo?Do you think about me?Rimo-ro ruui-do ihaha oromidioumo bia.We don't really listen to him.
doanjaw, mouth2.1Body
dobe2cfmobibinblister that forms from two surfaces in friction with each other