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dobocfkipituꞌun1the curved back and the anus of birds and any animals that do not appear to demonstrate bowel control, but who go to the toilet whenever and wherever.2an insult as it refers to someone as a bird's anus
dodin1species of tree with large nuts, that is good for making canoes, commercial name sloaneasloanea sp.2marbles, fruit of the dodi tree, that children use to play marblessynmaboro
dodi 1tree.sp
dodimanspirit person (male or female), normal sized and not giant spirit-people like tumura
dodo1sp. var. ofdoodo
dodo2nforgetfulnessIaha-ka Iehoma-ro gaaꞌubuo miroria ata, dodo iiꞌii aꞌai bia.Truly, God will not forget (lit: forgetfulness will not grow) about one small bird.Roo mooi-do gaa'u aibo-ka, mooi-do pauo-ka roo rautu, mia roo dodo e'idioi.To me you are unique, it is hard for me with you, and I cannot forget you.
dodobaipldodobaibai'onyoung man, an unmarried man from puberty to marriage who has no grey hairMeree dodobai-o, roo moo-ro ai-roduuꞌai, eibua.Young man, I tell you, get up!antgama'o
dodobaibai'osgdodobainyoung men, unmarried menantgama'obai'o
dodoroHLLn1part of the river bank that is too steep to climb up it2cliffRii rio-ka, ruu ohiꞌio didioi roꞌoai dodoroi-daThey wanted to throw him off the cliff.
dohoboadjlike, somewhat, rather, resemblingIrai gaboi kehibuo dohob-oka, merei mia ipi tuia hiai-da poti.But the road was rather small, and his son was standing right in the middle of the road.Roo ahoroi seroi dohobo omotuiꞌai.All you have to do is weave it like sero. a small degree
dohoitoadvlater, afterwardsDohoito ai-pirehebiamo Isiti Kikori Karisoroi.Later I transferred to the East Kikori Council.Mabu moo rio-ka dohoito moo abeai aibo emidioi.Because I want to be like my father for the next generation.8.4Time
domontree species1.5.1Tree
doodosp. var.dodo1nbuttress root, upper root of tree that grows above the ground. Trees with doodo include uaio, ibo'a, burio, bedoro, aibi, diomo, oaea.Umui-ro bomoi iobodidioumoi-da, ru'ai doodoi hato podo'amo.The dogs chased the pig until they closed in on it between the buttresses of a tree.
doꞌo hiꞌauadvjust now, right nowDo'ou hi'ai moo rio-ka dubai ma ruuho. Right now I want to eat a banana.
doꞌouvar.doꞌoin1nowDoꞌou moo-ro himia iraꞌai raai irahomoi-da, mari hiꞌa-ka.When I think about it now, it's funny.8.4Time2todayKa rii do'oi ai-emidio-ka, rii abeai rautu.And today they are staying with their father.
dun1sago palm, general term for many varieties of sagosyndu-ruꞌa1.5.2.1Sago2starch from sago eaten as staple food, cooked in a variety of ways5.2Food3general term for food5.2Fooddu etucomp.cfdu hiꞌocomp. ofduhiiꞌonsago pith after it has been broken up; pounded sagodu hiꞌocomp.cfdu etucomp. ofduetunsago pith before it is broken updu-hohocomp.ncrown of sago palm, including flower stalk and fruiting branch1.5.2.1Sago
-duvsfx1near past (yesterday) tense marker, only used together with the non-singular as duudo/duido (dual), biiduumo (trial) and duumo (plural)Tetu rii ai-oromoti duumo, rii-do.Yesterday they waited for them2verbal question maker that is only used together with the non-singular.Ri'oiti ra'u ma'ai duido?What are they-2 doing?
du-amuonrolled stick of sagoRuu-ro du-amuo retoa hitoi-da iahiꞌi-ka, moo atai emaꞌai-ka, ruu atai eidai-ka.He took out two sticks of dry sago from his basket, and gave one to me while he took the other. from plants1.5.2Palm
du-bobonhungerMoo-ro Stiki oduꞌai ka, "Moo du-bobo-ro rohiai-ka.I said to Sticky, "I'm hungry [lit: a food hole has got hold of me]."