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ga'ai miriunspec. comp. form ofgaꞌai1mirimiri
gaanparrots, including the rainbow lorikeet and eclectus parrot
gaabintree species with thin bark, the fruit can be eaten with salt, and the leaves can be eaten
gaaginfat, grease
gaamirenplant with edible leavessynriorio
gaapapacfkairi1maikerentraditional song and dance performed in combination with kairi and maikere.
gaaracfadiotiti-gaaran1arm protector for shooting bow and arrow2band on the leg or arm while dancing, without shells for decoration4.2.4Dance
gaara 2armband
gaara 2armband
gaaꞌitanpoorly made canoe that is unstable and has an uneven front and back
gaaꞌuadjoneMapaio ato uro gaaꞌu-ka, himio atai piroꞌumo Baimuru.We slept one night at Mapaio, and the next day came to Baimuru.8.1.1Numbercomp.retoꞌa-gaaꞌuretoꞌaunspec. comp. formora-gaaꞌuora
gaaꞌu-haadvtogether, as oneKiauka adimoi rimoibi gaaꞌu-ha piriodimo goꞌotoi eito, raarai rautu turiaha.In the afternoon we-3 went back together to the village, with all our things.Hiiro hi'a uubi gaa'u-ha emidioi-da moto gaa'ui-da, turiaha TiBi gimoi-ro imidai a'ai.When many people stay together in one house, they will all catch the sickness TB., contact
gaaꞌubuoadjoneRuu rautu reto'a-gaa'u dububai'o-ro poo'umo, reto'ai peei-da pioidio, gaa'ubuoi rautu pidiai ruuHe came with three men, two stayed in the boat, and one came up with him.8.1.1Number
gabiꞌabicfkirikontraditional head-dress made out of shell money from the 'sundial' family of shells
gabo1npath; road6.5.4.1Roadcomp.iabudio gaboiabudio
gaboransawfish (Pristis microdon)
gagaꞌo1LLH1adjdryHioi-da moo-ro du paha gagaꞌoi iahioi-ka, bomoi muhoi ematomuti-ka.Then I set to cutting some dry sago leaves, and put them together and lit them, in order to singe the hairs off the pig., dead leaves of sago, bamboo, coconutIda ruu-ro paaꞌo, "Ma emeꞌaꞌaire memiho mereei, gagaꞌoi goroi-da."Then he answered, "See the evil person between the dead sago leaves." torch made from bunding and lighting dry leaves of coconut or bamboo
gagaꞌo2unspec. var. ofkaioma
gahaa'uaenlarge species of tree, new shoots and leaves are edible, bark sap is used to treat coughs, fruit is green when unripe, and red when ripe, or black once over ripe. The fruit is similar in size to a coffee bean. The leaf is the best medicine for headaches and pain; the leaf is crushed with lime into a yelow mix, this is rubbed on to the area with pain and works ike deep heat
gaheꞌevspecies of tree, commercial name bombexbombex sp.
gahooHHLn1species of mangrovesyniiꞌa1reꞌe21.5.1Tree2fish trap with same shape as fruit from gahoo tree
gahoo 1mangrove.sp
gahoo 2fish.trap
gaibirinvariety of Malay apple with big dark leaves, tree known as water gum or dilleniadillenia sp.
gaidebicfmatieubana song of mourning, sung by family, neighbours and villagers both before and after the burial, has a different tune to uba and matie
gaigaruanlarge bottle for storing and carrying water