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m-vpfxa prefix on verbs that marks uncertainty, including marking a question, about what the second or third person (not the speaker) does. In the distant past (tehata) g- is used in place of m-Roo rati-to m-odau?Where are you going?Rii-bi memidio duumo, rimo rautu.They-3 should be staying, with us.
ma-vpfxmight, should, could, mustMoo-ro ami'ai iduꞌai-ka, Paidubui ma ratoheteimoi-ri.I told my friends that we should pray and ask the Lord.Meimei obo ma idioi.Drink pineapple juice.Ida ruu-ro paaꞌo, "Ma emeꞌa, aire memiho mereei, gagaꞌoi goroi-da."Then he answered, "See the evil person there between the dead sago leaves."Epu hiꞌai boboꞌoi ma oboboi, ka ipi-da ma emeheai.First of all dig a pit, but stop before going too deep.Ka aaꞌo didimoi taꞌotaꞌo ma idiꞌamoi.After that put in some grass.Roo umoi-da ma opai du giꞌepu-ha ma ahiꞌai.You cut down the shoot of a sago palm.Muramura motoi haito ma odai.You should go to the clinic.Duoi-da buaꞌea ma aꞌai.He sweats at night.Mamui-ro meree muramura maꞌati-da moto ruu epu beibi rirai eidai aꞌai, gimo amiꞌai ma imomurai-ri.Mothers should give birth in the hospital so that their baby will receive its first injection and protect it from some sickeness.Ka aaꞌo hiba geemai ruu rio-ka, moo ma ratiaiAnd that large crocodile was wanting to attack me.
maahomocfihiꞌana song sung in the breaks between long songs, such as Himabu, as a chance for people to stand up, stretch etc.
-maakavsfxshows that something happened earlier in the same day Moo-ro ai-piriraromo aromoi-da oo'u maaka dubu-ka. I thought the man had just arrived from heaven.Ri'o ioo'umo, ri'o dui grupi-da, ta-rimede'aumo maakaumo.You come, your food is in groups, we just-now already put it there for you. Rii-ti go'u odau maakaido.They-2 have already gone fishing (this morning).
maamusp. var.mamuplmamiꞌonmother, traditionally used to refer to other people's mothers, your own being Aio, but this is no longer a strong distinctionMoo maamui rautu ge'ii hetei, peei rioi-da pira'ai-do.With my mother I did a happy dance, inside the canoe.4.1.9Kinshipcomp.ooto-maamuooto2mabia-maamucomp.nsister acting as mother4., mother4., sister
maamuihainterm of address for first wife used by children of later wives4., mother
maamukehinterm of address used for second wife by children of other wives4., mother
maarerendead, dry outer case of nipa leaf that has fallen off a living nipa palm, usually inhabited by rats. When the whole nipa palm is dead, it is utu biibi.
maarinthe second stage of the traditional initiation process that comes after ee'ee, with its own feast, training time, and dances. This stage takes young adult men and women, and they are taught other secrets, and can take a year to 18 months. The final stage of initiaion is pairoma.
maatantraditional decoration
maaꞌu1npork reserved for eating the next day
mabarenspecies of tree with multiple uses, and a very strong scent. The fruit and bark are used as cough medicines, the leaves are cooked in water and used as a bodywash before dancing or splashed about the longhouse to improve the smell, the leaves are used as decorations while dancing, and dried and smoked leaves are used to catch ebihae (spirits). As the smell is associated with many positive events, it is a smell that makes people happy1.5.4Grass, herb, vine
mabeentree species, traditionally used by women as an alternative to betel nut. The fruit are ripe when they fall from the tree into the water, which is during rainy season. iaupae are the fruit of the mabee tree.1.5.1Tree
mabiaHLLcfbabonolder sister4., sistercomp.mabia-maamumaamu
mabiinfern type plant that grows up trees or on the ground, has red flowers, and no fruit.
maboroEngmarblenmarblesyndodi 2
mabu1nbaseImei idiai-da aiha putaꞌa karai mabui-da.The crab crawled up and was lying under a mangrove tree.Rimo ata umo bia ruu utui mabui-da iorobui. We did not know he was laying at the base of the nipa palm.2subordconnbecauseRimo omoti'ai bia, mabu oboi ai-oiro.We will not wait, because the water is coming up.Rii-ti geema toe paꞌai-do, mabu heamo auo hepui-daka.They-2 were very afraid, because of the wild snake on the floor.
mabuonceremonial shell armband, bangle, worn by women4.2.4Dance
maburieemanstrong, hard species of bamboo used for cooking sago
maden1word, languageHiei-da moo-ro Urio Abeai keito madei emaaꞌoi-ka.After that I gave thanks to the father in heaven.Moo madei ai-oropoiꞌo-ka.I have run out of words.3.5.1Say2message, storyMoo made ai-oropoi'o.My message is finished.Ubuo ato po'adu'o Paidubui madei.In Ubuo, he shared God's message.comp.oorio-madeoorio